Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Flash S2, Ep 5 "The Darkness and The Light" Recap

The other world Wells is doing a presentation about the protection against Meta-Humans. Flash confronts Wells and saying that it was fault that the meta-humans were his fault. His daughter is there and asks if he is okay after the confrontation. Current world is confronted with other world Wells. Wells is there to help Barry to destroy Zoom. Wells admits that he created Zoom and created all the Meta-Humans. Joe comes in and sees Wells and starts shooting him and Barry stops the bullets. Barry has to comfort Joe about Wells. Joe goes to let Iris know that Wells 2.0 is here. Joe gives Iris a gun for protection. Patty joins Cisco and Barry at the coffee shop and shares all the info of King Shark vs The Flash. Barry turns down Patty from hanging out. Cisco has a flash of a bank being robbed. 

Barry takes Cisco advice and goes to the bank and confronts Dr. Light. Caitlyn brings Jay to the lab. They starting yelling at each other about who's fault is Zoom. Barry asks Cisco how he knew about the bank robbery and Cisco comes up with a crappy lie. Wells asks Cisco what Wells did to him and tells Cisco he doesn't have to like him to work with him. Jay convinces Barry to talk to her. Dr. Light turns out to be Linda Park and she freaks out when Barry talks to her. She blinds him and runs off. Barry despite being blind still keeps Patty's date by using Cisco and some shades with a camera. Patty admits that she knows Barry cannot see her. Great date moment. Caitlyn and Jay almost kiss but Dr. Light blasts the van and it flips. Dr. Light shows up to the paper to kill Linda and assume her life I am guessing. Dr. Light kills the publisher by mistake and Linda is confused when she sees Dr. Light's face. Dr. Light knocks everyone down and takes off. Barry and Patty share a kiss and now he can see. Crime scene and Linda goes into protective custody. Barry blames himself. Wells and Jay have it out and they start to fight. Barry breaks it up. Wells is mad and thinks Barry is great and has abilities that Jay never had. Wells believes that Barry can beat Zoom. Wells says Cisco has powers and can use Dr. Light's mask. Wells outs him to everyone with his meta-human detector. 

Barry wants to know if Cisco knew and Cisco admits he was going to tell them. Cisco is scared that he will become like Evil Wells. Cisco is prompted to touch the mask to see if he will get a vision but nothing happens. Wells yells at Cisco that he can do it on command and shoves the mask in his chest which prompts Cisco to have a vision. Barry confronts Dr. Light. Jay is at a loss for what Barry should do and Wells tells him to run so fast that he leaves behind a mirage and confuses Dr. Light. Dr. Light is down for the count. Barry agrees with Wells and wants to lure Zoom to confront him. Jay is worried for Barry and says he has everyone that can him. Jay says he cannot help and that they need to ask Wells about his secrets. Jay leaves. Cisco's girl form the coffee shop tells him that she is interested. She is Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl). Cisco names himself Vibe and Wells is creeping in the background. On Earth two, Zoom has Wells' daughter locked up so we now know Wells' motivation.

Fangirl Thoughts: This was a good episode. I enjoyed watching Barry finally going on a date. This is a great step forward for Barry. I am just concerned that something will happen to her. Cisco finally being confronted as a meta-human was done well. I like that this Wells is holding no punches and forcing them to wake up and make the hard decisions that is necessary. I look forward to seeing Wells's influence on the gang. 

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