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The Walking Dead S5, Ep. 6 "Now" Recap

Important Moments: The episode starts with Deanna looking at the aftermath of the Wolves. We overhear Michonne talking to Maggie and informing her about Glenn. Deanna then sees the zombie horde and Rick is running towards the town screaming open the gate. He gets in right before the zombie horde. Deanna is in shock. The horde is now pressing against the walls. The townspeople are concerned. Rick lets them know half the horde came back. Rick gives an inspirational speech that the wall will hold and asking if they can hold the line as well. Aaron feels guilty and says the Wolves came there because of him. Deanna walks off. Jessie drags the dead woman out of her house and adds her to the pile of bodies and begins to dig a grave. Rick tells her to stop. More inspirational words when Deanna's son steps in and stops everyone from pillaging the supplies that they have. Carl and group are painting names on the walks of those that died. Nicholas and Glenn's names are on the walls. Maggie is setting a plan to go find out what happened to Glenn. Aaron says he is going to help her. 

Spencer gets drunk and starts yelling at his mother and saying everything is her fault. Denise is working hard trying to brush up on her medical information. Tara shows up and brings inspirational words. Jessie comes across a neighbor that has turned. the townspeople witness her killing the walker and she gives inspirational words to everyone that they have to fight or die. Maggie and Aaron find themselves leaving the town via the sewers and having to fight some yucky sewer walkers. Denise is able to save the guy once she finds what she needs in a book. She thanks Tara by kissing her.

Maggie and Aaron come to the end of the tunnel. She yells at Aaron that they are not going. Maggie loses faith that Glenn is alive and that he would have shown her by now. She is sad that she will never get to know what happened to him. Her yelling brings walkers and now they cannot get out. 

Deanna is out in the street where a walker attacks her. She begins to hack away at him with a broken bottle. Rick comes out and kills the walker. Deanna is covered in blood saying she wants to live and the town needs him. Maggie and Aaron are standing on top of the wall looking out. Maggie goes to the wall and erases Glenn's name off. Aaron helps her and notes that his name works for a boy or girl's name. (Maggie's pregnant in case you missed that) Jessie and Rick have a moment. Deanna is walking around town at night and we see a possible break in the wall. 

Next week we see what happens with Darryl, Sasha, and Abraham.

Fangirl Thougthts: This episode was again filled with heavy-handed inspirational moments. I found myself just sitting through the episode. It was not boring but I felt like I wasted my time. It should have ended with at least the walkers getting inside. Next week we will be dealing with the other group and will not even see what is happening in Alexandria. The revealing of Maggie being pregnant was not all that great and I felt no emotional connection to the situation. I guess we shall see as we only have 3 more episodes left in 2015. What did you think?

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