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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 4 "Here's Not Here" Recap

Episode starts with Morgan talking and telling his story. Flashback time! Morgan is ranting to himself and we see on the wall, "Here's not Here" so we see the name of the episode from the beginning. The place Morgan is residing is set on fire during his rant. Morgan is making his way through the forest with a gun. He uses the butt of the gun to kill walkers and then sets them on fire. This attracts more walkers which leads to more piles for the fire. Morgan sets up a fence for the walkers. He wrote on a rock the word "clear". Morgan is going through the woods when he realizes he is being followed. He kills the one guy and chokes out the other guy. He continues to live at his camp and burning the bodies of walkers. He comes across a beautiful meadow and you think Bella and Edward are going to show up. Morgan has a moment in the meadow. He then finds a cabin where there is a goat. There is a voice telling him to step away from the goat since he is still trying to figure out how to make cheese. Morgan takes a shot at the man. There is a weird fish eye effect on the camera occurring while Morgan tries to stalk the man. Morgan is knocked out.

Morgan wakes up captive but with food. When asked his name he responds with kill me and starts to scream it. The man provides him a book "The Art of Peace" and the man says his name is Eastman. Morgan is talking to himself in his cell all crazy like while Eastman continues on his day. Morgan can see that the man is practicing with a bo staff through his window and killing walkers. Weird fish eye camera view happening again. Eastman continues to practice making cheese. Eastman says he is from Atlanta and was a forensic psychologist. Morgan says that he clears. He clears walkers or people or anything that gets near him. Morgan starts hacking at the wood of his cell so he can get free. Eastman says that Morgan has PTSD. Eastman lets Morgan know that he is reliving his wife and child's death. Eastman says he can be free as the cell is not locked and that Morgan is free. Eastman says he can stay or go but he cannot kill him. Morgan immediately attacks him but Eastman wins and Morgan stops fighting. Morgan says kill me. Morgan is given two choices the door or the couch. Morgan instead goes into the cell and closes it behind me. Eastman opens the door and then Morgan closes it again. Eastman says that he knows Aikido and that Morgan is going to learn so they can make the trip together. Morgan asks to where and Eastman responds that he has no idea. Lights out. Morgan comes out of his cell and sits at the table as Eastman goes to bed. 

Morning time and Morgan is back in his cell while Eastman is still trying to perfect cheese. Eastman leaves to scavenge supplies. Morgan finally picks up the book and inside it says that Aikido teaches not to kill. There are walkers outside and eventually Morgan gets up to kill the walkers to protect the goat. Morgan takes the goat inside while he gets rid of the bodies of the walkers. He is dragging the body when he sees a graveyard for all the walkers. Morgan is digging the graves for the bodies. Eastman shows up and says that he is making progress. Eastman gives Morgan a bo staff. (cue inspirational music). Morgan and Eastman are now bonding and working together (so you know this is going to turn bad). Eastman tells a horrible story of how one of his clients broke out of prison and killed his family. Eastman planned to get the man and keep him in the cell and was going to starve him to death.

Morgan and Eastman plan their trip. Morgan takes him back to his camp to get his supplies. Morgan is sad talking about his family and Eastman redirects him by making him go through his bo staff forms. A walkers comes into the clearing and Morgan realizes its one of the guys that he killed. Morgan freezes and Eastman has to step in which ends up with him being bit. Morgan starts ranting and Eastman redirects him. They start to fight and Morgan says kill me while he is down on the ground. Eastman grabs the body while Morgan is shouting not here and Eastman responds that here is not here. Morgan is back at his camp. He kills a walker that was after two people. The couple says thank you and leaves him a can of food and a bullet. Morgan heads back to his camp and grabs his bo and runs back to Eastman's house. He finds a walker eating the goat. Eastman is digging a grave and sad to see the goat got out and was killed. Morgan notices the name of the guy that killed Eastman's family has a grave. Eastman admits that he kidnapped the man and put him in the cell and let him starve to death. It took 47 days and admits that he was just as bad off as Morgan afterwards. Eastman says he found his peace when he decide he will never kill again. He was going to turn himself in but then the world ended.

 Eastman tells Morgan that he can stay there but that he shouldn't because he would be alone. He says people are important. He gives Morgan his lucky rabbit's foot.. Eastman says he is ready to die. Morgan is still practicing his forms. We see Morgan all packed up and heading out. We see Eastman's grave and Morgan continues to make his way and is on the railroad tracks and sees the sign for Terminus. Present day we end with Morgan telling his story to one of the wolves that was in the house. The guy asks if that could be him and says he came to get medicine for the wound on his side. The guys says if he lives he will kill everyone here because that is his code. Morgan leaves the man locked up and uses a key. He here's someone yelling open the gates and runs to the gate. End.

My Thoughts: I liked learning about what happened to Morgan. It was a great story that he turns out to be telling to the wolf. I understand he cannot kill him but he could just tell everyone else about the man and let the town decide what will happen to him or wait till he turns and call it a day. 

While I was annoyed that we did not get to see anything currently happening but I will admit that this episode did not piss me off. However for it to be a hour and a half long it should have moved the story along. I think we could have something, this episode was like something you would see on the CW but that's just my opinion. Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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