Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 6 "Always Accountable" Recap

As Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl are driving the zombies they find themselves being chased by some gun wielding crazies and end up being separated. Daryl is now on his bike all alone looking pretty bad. He ends up in a burnt our area in the forest where there are a lot of bodies. He is now alone and is unable to contact Sasha. He ends up knocked out by a group that he comes upon. Apparently the group set the forest on fire and killed most of the walkers. The group makes it to their destination and realize their loved one is gone. While they are distracted, Daryl takes off running with their bag of supplies. He realizes that in the bag is insulin which must be for one of the individuals in the group. Sasha and Abraham are trying to track Daryl. Abraham and Sasha leave obvious messages to Daryl since he is a tracker. They decide to stay in an office building. Inspirational talk between Abraham and Sasha. I zoned out because it was boring and I am tired of the Orpah speeches. Daryl runs into the group again and gives them the bag back. A truck and some guys show up and saying that they owe them and they didn't earn what they took. Daryl sees that there are more people in the woods. He helps them get away. They hide out in the woods. The bad guys leave after saying it is not worth it and "he only wants ass that is willing". (I am guessing who they may be talking about).

Abraham is out and about and finds some quality weapons as well as some nice cigars. Abraham climbs out on a ledge and takes on a zombie and has a moment before backing off and leaving him. he watches as the zombie in the end slips and falls. Now Abraham has a bazooka. Another moment between Sasha and Abraham that I zoned out on again. Back to Daryl with his new found group. They come upon and notice that there are two bodies that are burned and trapped in glass. The one girl goes to lay flowers at their friends and ends up being attacked and dies. Daryl asks the three questions and wants to bring the guy and girl back to Alexandria. They turn on him and take his bike and crossbow. He says they will be sorry. Daryl ends up back where he started and finds a truck. He arrives to pick up Abraham and Sasha.

Fangirl Thoughts: My dear friend Ruth pointed out an important moment of the show in which I was going to gloss over. Daryl is no longer the weird out of shape skinny guy that we once knew him as; he is wearing his little sleeveless ensemble and is looking toned and cut. I will admit I was surprised by this development. Yet I am not because we can all guess that this is Reedus's last season so he is getting ready for upcoming press junkets for movies.

There was maybe only 5 minutes worth of watching in this episode. I was bored yet again. Oh well, it will pick up soon.

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