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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 8 "Start to Finish" Recap

The episode begins with Sam in his room still refusing to go downstairs. He is playing music that is mighty creepy. There are a bunch of ants swarming over half-eaten food left in his room I am guessing this is the writers being heavy handed in terms of showing us ants and understanding the swarm of zombies are doing the same....descending upon food. The watch tower has fallen and the walkers are now coming in. Rick is telling everyone to get back and Deanna is out there with her pea-shooter. Carol and Morgan are running and somehow Carol falls which is just not believable in my opinion. Maggie half runs and falls which again does not make sense (did everyone forget how to get away from walkers? When did the women become so accident prone?) She gets on top of one of the look out spots.(It is extra dramatic for no reason.) Eugene is hanging out and watching as the walkers go by. He is saved by Rosita and Tara. They find shelter in a garage. Michonne shows up to help Rick, she has Ron, Gabriel, and Carl with her. Jessie is able to help them and they all run into her house.

Glenn plans how to get in and is trying to motivate Enid to help. (is he truly that stupid, why are you forcing a teenager to do this) He tries to pull the motivational speech on her. They do this slow motion under water thing with Sam seeing the madness going on in his home. (annoying and not effective.) Carol and Morgan are holed up and she refuses his help for the bump on her head. She admits that she does not trust him. Denise is downstairs with the Wolf. She tries to talk logic but the man is crazy. He shows her the wound and she notes that if he wants he can change. Deanna was hurt in the leg but also bitten. Rick is trying to come up with a plan with Jesse. Deanna talks about what she wants and Michonne is asked what she wants. (I'm bored). 

Carl goes to look for Ron. He finds him in the garage. Ron is extra dramatic but Carl claps back at him and Ron starts talking crazy about how he is dead. Ron locked the door and pulls a gun. He goes after Carl with a shovel. Carl is fighting for his life and this attracts zombies. The zombies are now in the house. Carl lies and says they were looking for tools and covers for Ron. Carl pulls a gun on Ron while they are in another room and says for him to hand over the gun. Carl is brutally honest with Ron and shows himself as the Carl that I know from the comics finally! The walkers are being drawn to the house. Rick hears Judith crying and finds Deanna leaning over her crib. He goes to kill her but she is still human. Sam is still listening to the music which makes no damn sense. Inspirational speech moment by Deanna she tells him that all the people are his people and he is one of them. Tara, Eugene, and Rosita moment talking about the need to fight for the town. Back to Carol and Morgan. She tricks him and attacks him and makes a run downstairs. She tells Denise to get away from the wolf. Morgan tells Carol that this should have waited which I agree. They do not have the time to be worried about his one wolf when the town is covered in walkers. Morgan and Carol are facing off over the walker. Morgan and Carol fight and Carol gets knocked out, Morgan gets knocked out by the wolf, and Denise begs for their lives. Tara, Eugene, and Rosita come face to face with the wolf who takes Denise as hostage. 

Jesse's house is overrun and they all make a dash upstairs and Rick has a new plan that involves two walkers. Rick plans to gut the walkers to wear them so they can get out. (The stupid music is still playing). Michonne talks to Deanna and Deanna says she will end it herself. and it is her life from start to finish. (I guess we now know where the episode name came from). Sam sees everyone painting themselves with guts and Jesse tells Sam that he has to be brave and be one of the monsters. They team preps themselves to walk out covered in gore. They make their way through the crowd. Glenn climbs a tree and sees Maggie is safe. As they are going through the crowd Sam starts calling for his mom and the episode ends. 

Fangirl Thoughts: I am beyond annoyed a Carol. How stupid is she that she wants to do that fight which basically sets up for the wolf to get away. The women in this episode fell down while running way too often. I was annoyed at that as well. Also if you know that your son has series issues why didn't they plan better. It might have been easier to just knock his ass out and drag him along. Now he is going to attract attention to them. The mid-season finale was quite boring in my opinion. I am just as invested in it. The whole season they were too heavy handed with inspirational speeches and the set up for events were not done well. Oh well, what did you think?

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