Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Game Review: Yo-Kai Watch

Storyline: One summer day in the town of Springdale, a painfully average boy, Nate, sets out to collect insects for a school science project. Instead of bugs, though, Nate finds a loud-mouthed Yo-kainamed Whisper locked inside a Crank-a-kai machine! He gives Nate a Yo-kai Watch, a device that lets humans see the normally invisible Yo-kai. Nate uses the watch to investigate mysteries around town, convincing Yo-kai to give up their hi-jinks and instead use their powers for good.

Fangirl Thoughts: This game finally made it to the Western market. I was excited to finally play. This game is awesome visually. It has clean lines and the world is quite large as you roll through different parts of the town. I picked a girl character so I received a Yo-Kai pendant instead of a wrist watch. Luckily you are given a bike to get from one section of town to the next. You have to be careful crossing the streets. There are lights and you have to wait to cross accordingly otherwise a powerful yo-kai will come after you. Trust me, I had it happen.

I love the little details in this game. When you enter a home you take off your shoes and put them back on when you leave. These little details make the game so much fun. 

The most important thing you need to know when playing this game is to not rush the story line. As you level up your watch run around and engage in more fights. Fight as much as possible to level up your Yo-Kai. I find that starting a fight with a Soultimate from an Eerie Yo-Kai is the best step in any fight then switch to Brave, Charming, Heartful, or Tough and finish off the yo-kai. The best rule of thumb to know that you are ready to level up is to consistently beat the Yo-Kai at your current watch level with at most three rounds of attacks.

The gameplay is easy to pick up. The storyline is great and simple. You know you are there to defeat the Yo-kai that are threatening your town. Another aspect that I did not realize until later is the camera. Take time to take pictures with your camera as a way to pick up great items that will help you in your gameplay. This is a must buy. Pick it up and let me know your thoughts.

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