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Athlitacomics, the entertainment company started by former Chicago Bear Israel Idonije, is launching The Protectors issues #1-5 as Motion Books on the Madefire app and on Apple TV. Season 1 of The Protectors will roll out as weekly episodes. The release of the 15 episodes will start Wednesday, December 16 and will continue through March 23. The Protectors, created by Idonije, written by Ron Marz, with art by Bart Sears, Mark Pennington, and Neeraj Menon, is a unique melding of sports action and superhero adventure with a very diverse character base. The Protectors issues #0 and #1 first debuted as limited, collectible print editions at C2E2 in Chicago. Issue #0 is already available on Madefire.

“Bringing The Protectors to life and offering the story as Motion Books on Madefire and Apple TV is beyond exciting,” said Idonije, CEO of Athlitacomics. “The limited print introduction of issues #0 and #1 was well received, and we appreciate our fans who have been awaiting the rest of the story. We are thrilled to share the first story arc with the world.” The Protectors is one of two Athlitacomics properties created by Idonije.

"Athlitacomics presents an exceptional example of the power of Motion Books, combining - as they do - the spectacle of sport with super-heroic action! And it's fantastic to see their work on Apple TV, bringing it into the family space - really the ideal place to enjoy their brand of high-octane entertainment for all ages,” said Liam Sharp CCO and Co-Founder, Madefire.

Idonije, who originally conceived the idea of The Protectors during a Bears training camp a few years ago, is a lifelong comic book fan. The Protectors are chosen athletes who learn they are blessed with more than elite athletic ability. Pro football superstar Isaac Chike seems to have the perfect life of success, wealth and fame. But this life is turned upside down when he discovers his true purpose. Isaac learns he is destined to be one of The Protectors, a small group of gifted heroes blessed with miraculous powers. Now Isaac and a handful of other star athletes must choose between the lives they know as star athletes and the greater good of protecting mankind from enemies intent on enslaving the world.

Season 1 will introduce the characters, concepts and conflicts, recount the origin of The Protectors, and take the reader through the first battle with the Dissenters. The series is filled with character-driven drama and extraordinary visuals that appeal to both sports fans and comic enthusiasts.

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