Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Movie Review: Batman: Bad Blood

The Batman and the animated series from Warner Home Videos (BluRay DVD and HD 2/16 downloads 1/20) has done well and Bad Blood does not disappoint. Bad Blood is a sequal to the 2015 film Batman v. Robin. That movie served to build the relationship between Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Batman (Bruce Wayne), and the difficult biological son Robin (Damion Wayne). Introductions to the series was a horde of villains (even I never heard of before) and to the Bat Family - Batwing and Batwoman.

Plot (no spoilers): Batman goes missing (kidnapped) and its up to the team work of his Clan to find and then save him (in that order). Through the investigation process the team not only finds out things about the dark knight (in an effort to save him) but they discover one another as well. Nightwing and Robin together discover the secrets behind Batwoman (there are a few) and are inclined to accept the help of a friend who leverages his military experience along with Wayne Tech. which was designed and built by his dad (Lucius Fox). Batwing has been around in the digital comic space but is introduced on the big screen as the Iron man Version of the team (Lucas Fox).

  • ·The only animated film with the entire clan (excluding Red Hood)
  • ·Batwoman and Batwing get a lot of pub. in this installment
  • ·New Villains and Heroes (tons for the eyes to see)
  • ·Very fast paced and good backdrops animated scenes (great one of the family together at the end)
  • ·Minorities, Teens, and Woman are the heroes v. Batman (impressive)
  • ·Nice surprise ending
  • · No real clue who all the villains were in Batman Universe (names given but means nothing if not familiar)
  • · Focus too much on Batwoman Sexual Orientation (some kids won't understand and don't have to push the envelope)
  • · The soft copy of the movie was released prior to the hard copy (I know how to make my own BluRay so why release different times???)

The batman animated series from Warner for a weekend popcorn sit down is perfect! The three movies I have seen (Son of Batman, Batman v. Robin, and Bad blood) improve with each installment. If you are looking for something to watch on a Friday Night this is your cartoon and I am highly recommending this for the geek ladies as well.

Critters Corner (3 out of 5 Thumbs Up)

Post by The Dynamic Duo aka Critter's Corner aka - Jac and James

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