Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Walking Dead S6, ep. 10 "The Next World" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with Michonne helping Rick in a very domestic way. The town is rebuilding. Denise lets Daryl know the list of the things to pick up on her run and she has an awkward moment of asking for soda for Tara as a surprise.....super awkward. Daryl leaves town with Rick for a supply run. Michonne notices someone going into the woods. Spencer is out taking on walkers on his own.  Maggie talks with Enid who apparently decided to stick around but has been MIA and Maggie would like to know where she has been. She gives an uplifting talk of how she is around for her to talk to.......(um let the child be) Rick and Daryl find a great deal of supplies. (as my mother pointed out, why did they both have to ride in the truck they found, why not one in a car and one in the truck) Rick and Daryl stop at a gas station and while trying to get in the soda machine they come face to face with a survivor. They pull their guns on him. It turns out it is Jesus, he is all cryptic and takes off after warning them of the coming walkers. He stole Rick's keys and takes off with the truck. 

Enid and Carl are out in the woods. (Carl is sporting the eye patch) They see Michonne and Spencer. Enid says she doesn't want to be out in the woods anymore and they head back. but run into a walker that Carl refuses to kill. 

Rick and Daryl are running down the street and see the snack machine and take the items in it. They are tracking the truck and see that Jesus is broken down. Jesus almost wins but they beat him down and demand the keys back. They tie him up and plan to leave him but leave the knots loose so he can get out in a reasonable time. He however is on the roof of the tuck and they are not chasing after him. During the fight the truck ends up going into a lake and they lose everything. Jesus gets knocked out. Rick and Daryl discuss what to do about Jesus and decide to at least get him somewhere safe. Spencer and Michonne run into the walker that Carl did not want to kill and it turns out it is Deanna. Spencer has to kill his own mother and bury her. Rick and Daryl bring Jesus back to Alexandria to have his head checked out. 

Michonne talks with Carl and why he would not kill her as he believes it should be someone who is family and he would do it for Michonne. Awe! They hug it out. At the end of the night, Michonne and Rick are sitting on the couch talking about their day but admit they just do not want to talk about it. They hold hands and have a moment which leads to a kiss and sex.....They are woken up by Jesus who has gotten free. 

Fangirl Thoughts: Rick and Daryl are in a Chrysler 300 and my mother and I discuss how that wasn't the best car for the apocalypse but we figure that must be a sponsor of some sort. I did not enjoy the motivation speaking that Michonne is providing Spencer but I did enjoy the beginning with the domestic moment between Michonne and Rick. Great heart cockle warming moment between Carl and Michonne. 

I however see that relationship like Zack and Lisa, something they set us up to want but does not fully happen. I still reserve my right to see if this will actually work out. In the comics Rick is with Andrea but considering that she is dead on the show, I guess we get Michonne and Rick together but lets see how long that will last. 

Also I have always like Jesus and I am happy that he is here now! 

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