Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Walking Dead S6. ep. 11 "Knots Untie" Recap

Sasha and Abraham are having a deep discussion about life. She lets him know that Eugene will be taking over her shift with him. Abraham appears upset about the change and there is a weird awkward goodbye. Then he is in bed with Rosita....he still has flashes of saying goodbye to Sasha. Maggie and Glenn are talking while she works on growing the tomatoes.

Jesus is looking at a painting at the house and Carl pulls a gun on him. (Awesome) Then everyone shows up with a gun and note the #Richonne hook up. Jesus is basically explaining to them how he knows their whole base and everything about their town. He lets them know about the Hilltop and how he wants to trade with them. He offers to take them back to the hilltop and Maggie is surprised that they are so many groups out there. Another awkward moment between Denise and Daryl in which she provides him with an oat cake for the road. Rick talks to Carl about the hook up and apologizes for not letting him know. Carl says its cool and that he will stay back. (A lot of the town's heavy hitters are going, I don't think that is a wise move in my opinion.) 

On the way to the hilltop they note a car crash that appears to have just happened. They notice tracks and decide to see what is going on. They enter a building and kill some walkers and find a few survivors, one that happens to be an obstetrician which is great for Maggie. Jesus leads them to the main house of the hilltop and introduces them to Gregory. He demands for them to get cleaned up before talking. Abraham talks to Daryl about Richonne and settling down. Rick tells Maggie to meet with Gregory. Maggie inquires how they survived and he is dodgy at best in answering the questions. He says Maggie's people can work for supplies and he gets creepy and Maggie tells him to stop and that they can help each other as they are both low in certain supplies. Gregory McCreepster turns her down. 

A group returns and says they must deliver a message from Neegan in which the guy Ethan stabs Gregory. Group fight and Rick ends up drenched in blood again and says "What" when everyone is looking at him. Jesus stops more blood shed. Jesus lets Rick know that there is more to the story. Abraham is still laying on the ground after being almost choked out and he claims he is good. Gregory is patched up and Rick demands to know about Neegan. Jesus lets him know that half of all their supplies goes to Neegan's group. Daryl says if they kill Neegan will they trade with them. Jesus says he will take the deal to Gregory. Maggie meets with Gregory. Maggie is frank saying they kill those that have come against them. Maggie says they will take care of Neegan for supplies. Maggie demands half or the deal is off and Gregory agrees. Rick and Michonne agree that they will win. Show ends with Maggie and Glenn having an ultrasound done of their baby. 

Fangirl Review Thoughts: I find the whole story line of Abraham during this episode to be annoying and frankly not needed. I would have been okay if they wrote this whole part out. Frankly anytime you see a show focus on a character like that they are more than likely about to die. 

Just like in the comics we all have the feeling that Rick has bitten off more than they can handle. I worry for the group and how this is going to turn out. The question is who will be left standing when everything is said and done. 

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