Monday, March 28, 2016

Supergirl S1, Ep. 18 "Worlds Finest" Recap

Kara and Winn question what Siobhan is and she gets mad quickly that no one is able to tell her the truth of what she is. Siobhan begins to hear a noise and leaves in a huff. She gets distracted by Livewire's rant about Supergirl and Cat Grant. Cat Grant gives Kara dating advice on how to get James which is by playing hard to get. Siobhan is waling on the street and begins hearing a loud noise and walks away. She shows up at Catco and ends up screaming at Kara which knocks her out and forces her out a window. She is caught by The Flash. She flies off as she has to get back to the city and she notices him running below. She flies back down and they are both confused on who the other one is. Barry begins to list other people in his Earth and realizes he is on the wrong Earth and asks Kara for her help. (great start to this episode).

Barry is with Kara and trying to do research and realizes that no one else exists on this Earth. Barry is amazed that she is an Alien and Winn understands the multiverse theory. Barry realizes that he is stuck here. (there is fantastic chemistry between Barry and Kara) Winn picks on James for being slightly jealous. Attractive racially diverse cast of a CW show is what Cat calls the group of Winn, Kara, Barry, and James. She names Barry the blur. Siobhan visits a mystic shop to see her Aunt and asks for her help. The aunt knows that Siobhan is hearing a calling of the banshee. She is cursed and that if she wants the whispers to stop she has to kill the person who has wronged her. She hatches a plan to get Livewire. Cat Grant refuses to leave when she hears about the escape. Kara enlists Barry's help. DEO welcomes Barry's help. Siobhan (Silver Banshee) teams up with Livewire to take out Kara, Cat, and Supergirl. Barry wants to make a plan but Kara wants to run in and defeat Livewire. Siobhan shows up and is introduced as Silver Banshee and looks like a Day of the Dead reject. Barry calls it and they retreat after being knocked down.

Barry gives Kara a pep talk about dealing with the public turning on her. He says it will just take time. Siobhan and Livewire show up to Catco. Winn tries to talk Siobhan down and begs her to let him help her. Barry and Kara head out to save Cat who has been kidnapped. As Supergirl gets hit with a lot of electricity she falls and is protected by the people. Firefighters hit Livewire and Siobhan with water that knocks them out with the electric current. Kara helps Barry to get back home. They both use their speed to get Barry back. Barry gives her relationship advice and tells her to go for it. They take off running and Kara is able to throw Barry into a breach. She makes a move on James and kisses him. James turns around and walks out in what appears to be a trance. Kara rushes out and realisez that everyone is in some type of trance and headed somewhere.

Fangirl Thoughts: Great crossover episode. The chemistry between Barry and Kara makes you want that ship even though you know you are supposed to be supporting her with Olsen instead. I look forward to seeing more crossover situations. The potential between all these shows is to good to pass up.

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  1. I loved it!! Will Supergirl crossover on The Flash tonight? The coming attractions cut off on my DVR. However, I'll watch and see either way, because now I'm a fan of The Flash.

    1. That is the plan but I don't belive it is happening this season