Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Walking Dead S6, ep. 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet" Recap

Show starts with Carol gathering supplies for food. She is baking and giving cookies away. She has a flirting moment with Tobin as the road crew returns from the hilltop. Rick calls a town meeting. Morgan confronts Carol and asks why no one talks about Morgan keeping the wolf alive. Carol leaves a cookie on Sam's grave. Rick lets everyone know about the deal that was struck and asks people to voice their opinions. Morgan tries to reason with Rick about going after the group. He is overruled. Carol is keeping a journal of all the people she has killed and realizes that it is 18. In the middle of the night Carol has a discussion with Tobin about her ability to do what she needs to do. They kiss. Abraham lets Rosita know that he is leaving her. (her crying is really bad) Creeper Eugene is right there talking about a cookie. Tara and Denise have a moment together. (silly camera angles hide that the actress Tara is pregnant...they hid her belly behind a plate)

Rick and group start their plan. Father Gabriel is part of the road group. Carol finds herself defending Morgan to Rosita who in the end agrees to not kill anyone. The group kills walkers looking for a head that looks like Gregory to bring to Negan and the saviors. The one hilltop guy says that saviors are scary but have nothing on Rick after Rick picks up one of the heads and begins punching it so it will look more like Gregory.

Eddie rolls up to the saviors with the head. They inspect the head and say they will release his friend. Everyone rolls up on the compound, quickly takes out the two guards, and quickly fan out in the building. Heath and Glenn end up in the barracks and must kill the men in there. Glenn stops Heath and does the killing himself. Glenn sees pictures on the wall of various people with their heads or faces bashed in.  Sasha and Abraham run into problems and the alarm is sounded. Carol tells Maggie that she is to stay put. (which I agree with, she should put the child first) Shoot out time! Blood on the camera. There's a lot of running and shooting. Glenn and Heath find the armory and start shooting through the door. They see a lot of dead bodies ones they open the door. Father Garbiel takes a man's life as he prays for him. 

They take all the supplies and take off. Tara and Heath go out on a scavenging hunt. Morgan is back at the town welding what looks like to be bars for a proper jail. Michonne talks to Rick and wonder who was Negan. A guy tries to get away but he has a walkie talkie that tells them to lower the weapons. The person says they have Carol and Maggie. 

Fangirl Thoughts: Welp that got Negan's attention now. It should be interesting to see the retaliation. Who do you think will die? Plus now Maggie and Carol get kidnapped. This episode was fun with the blood shed but that's about it. I look forward to how they will deal with the drama of Maggie and Carol and how exactly they ended up captured. 

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