Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Walking Dead S6, ep. 13 "The Same Boat" Recap

Show starts with Carol and Maggie hearing the siren of the compound. They end up kidnapped by three women and a man. The group notifies Rick and his friends that they have Carol and Maggie. Rick asks for a trade and the new group isn't quick to agree. Carol and Maggie's sight is covered (we get a stupid camera angle of them looking down at their feet and being transported via a vehicle. Frankly it gives me a headache. Maggie and Carol are taken to a safe house. Carol starts to hyperventilate and having problem breathing. They take out her gag to help her and she is holding the rosary beads that was dropped on her by the walker. Carol reveals to them that Maggie is pregnant. The group thinks she is stupid for being knocked up. They also stop one of women from smoking. 

Donnie is mad that he may lose his arm. Paula the leader refuses to kill Carol. The women all take a hit at him including Maggie and Carol as they all subdue him. They decide to interrogate Maggie and ask her where her group stays. Carol is grasping the Rosary Beads while she is being verbally abused. Carol says they attacked the group because the saviors attacked first. The one lady says they are all Negan and Carol demands to know what that means. Paula tells her story of being a secretary and being stuck in DC not able to get out to see her family. She says she had to kill but it made her stronger. She says Carol is weak.

They leave Carol alone who uses the rosary to get out of the tape. Carol finds Maggie and helps her get out. Maggie says they cannot leave them alive and Carol just wants to go. They use Donnie that has changed to bite the smoker of the group. Maggie stabs her repeatedly and we get more blood on the camera. Paula comes in and sees the blood bath. Carol has a hard time shooting Paula but in the end shoots Molly quickly when she threatens Maggie. Paula asks Carol what was she so afraid of. Carol says she was afraid of being that killer. Maggie tells Carol not to think about the killing she has had to do. They set the men that came to help Paula on fire. As they walk out they run into the group. Maggie tells Glenn she cannot do it anymore. Rick kills the man Primo who claims he is Negan. 

Fangirl Thoughts: Honestly this did not need to be a whole episode. If they are trying to show us the other group's perspective or have us relate while Carol plays a wolf in sheep's clothing then they could have accomplished it in another way. 

It looks like Carol is questioning everything that she has done and will be forced to do. I will respect the show more if they did not feel the need to give Carol a conscience. It is not necessary to soften people up in the apocalypse. Hopefully Maggie will use some sense and stay her behind home now. She should have never been on that run. 

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