Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Walking Dead S6, ep. 14 "Twice as Far" Recap and Review

Show starts with everyone in Alexandria living their lives. Morgan has finished making his official jail cell. Rick sees it and asks why and Morgan says it will give choices. Carol talks to Daryl about having his bike back. Eugene and Abraham head out while Denise looks on. Spencer talks to Rosita about dinner. She agrees to it. Denise talks to Rosita and Daryl if she can go to a local Apothecary. Daryl is a bit of a hard ass and at first refuses but then agrees. Comedy of Denise correcting Daryl on his inability to drive stick. (I really am liking their relationship). They come  to a fallen tree in the road. Rosita and Daryl scout it out while Denise stays in the car. Daryl refuses to take the tracks despite it being a shorter distance. Rosita decides to do the tracks while Denise follows Daryl. We get a weird bonding moment between Abraham and Eugene. They end up at a facility that Eugene says they can manufacture bullets. He says he can do that here. They begin to have an argument about Eugene's ability to kill walkers. Abraham leaves him after Eugene says his services of protection are no longer required.

Denise, Rosita, and Daryl end up at the pharmacy. While Daryl and Rosita are getting the meds they hear a walker that appears to be stuck in another room. Denise takes it upon herself to go look for that walker. She finds the body and what appears to be a crib. She freaks out and runs out. Denise tells Daryl about her brother and they bond. Daryl this time agrees to take the tracks to get back faster. Denise sees a car with a cooler and a walker inside. They say to leave it she goes for it anyway and she ends up killing it herself as a rite of passage then proceeds to puke. She ends up with her orange soda from the cooler. She gives an inspirational speech to Rosita and Daryl.....(why are we getting so many inspirational talks). Denise gets an arrow through her skull as she talks and people come out of the woods demanding they put down their weapons and they have Eugene. The guy holding Eugene has the side of his face burned.

Daryl and Rosita put down their weapons and Daryl sees his crossbow. Daryl says he should have killed him and not let him go. Dwight introduces himself to Rosita and says they will let them into their complex or they will kill them all. Eugene says to go kill Abraham who is hiding behind some barrels. Eugene uses it as a chance for distracting by biting Dwight in his family jewels. The gun fight brings out the walkers. The saviors have to fall back. Eugene is hit. They are forced to carry him and leave Denise's body behind. Abraham and Eugene have a good bro-moment. Abraham shows up on Sasha's steps and she invites him in. Carol and Daryl bury Denise. Carol writes a dead john letter saying that she is leaving since she cannot kill. Heavy handedness on the creaking sound of the porch swing....(who decided that should be the ending)

Fangirl Thoughts: As soon as we get to enjoy Denise she is dead. Poor thing. I respect them for killing her. She does not die like that in the comics if I recall correctly but it was a good death. Let see what is to come in the next two episodes. Who do you think will die next?

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