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The Walking Dead S6, Ep. 15 "East" Recap and Review

Episode starts with a car that looks to have been attacked and blood dripping. You hear Carol's voice in the background. (All I am thinking is oh gosh, why did the start this episode off so cheesy). We flashback to Carol prepping to leave. Tobin stops by and gives her a pep talk that everything will be okay. Carol leaves him while he is sleeping in her bed. Then we get a music montage of others going about their day. (Naked Glen and Maggie playing in the shower and him notices the bruises on her body) Daryl has the keychain that Denise had and is sitting on his bike. Sasha and Abraham have a cute moment when she hands him a cigar and Rosita watches on. Richonne is in full effect. Michonne notes that Maggie is worried about an attack and Rick has no fear that they will be able to handle it. Daryl decides to take off and Rosita, Glen, and Michonne take off after him.

Tobin provides the note to Rick and he finds out that others have left as well. Morgan and Rick decide to go after her essentially leaving the town without even more of the heavy hitters. Carol is driving along when another vehicles comes by and blows out her tires. The men in the truck talk about Alexandria and how they are on their way there. She pleads for them to turn back as no one needs to get hurt. The men are all shot down by Carol with a hidden gun in her jacket. The one guy is still alive and chases after her to shoot her. She kills him and notices one of the other guy is still alive. She kills him too. (we get the repeated heavy handed imagery of the blood dripping on the asphalt from the men she killed)

Maggie wants to rest and Enid volunteers to take her shift to help. Morgan and Rick are in the car together. (is it just me or do the two of them always go deep when they talk to each other) They talk about how it seems like she went east which is the name of the episode. Turns out one guy is still alive after Carol's fun and is able to walk away with a wound to his arm. Rick and Morgan come upon the vehicles. Rick says he is proud of her for Carol being able to do what she had to do. They find a trail and are not sure where Carol is and decides to follow the trail. The guy that is not hurt comes out of the trees and is very pissed off and follows the same trail. Rosita, Glen, and Michonne go back to where Denise died. They find Daryl's bike abandoned. They follow after Daryl who is tracking Dwight. Glen tries to talk Daryl down after they find him. Daryl refuses and Rosita joins him. Glen and Michonne go the other way. They end up surrounded by the saviors and Dwight is with them. 

Morgan and Rick are still looking for Carol and find more blood on some grass. Morgan reminds Rick that people can come back. They see a walker and kill it. They come to a farm and they meet a man who says they are coming and then the guy takes off. They kill the walkers and Morgan stops Rick from shooting the guy in the back. Rick says he doesn't take chances anymore. Morgan confesses what he did with the wolf to Rick. Morgan says he will bring her back and if he doesn't come back then don't come looking. Rick comes back and learns that Michonne did not come back yet. Maggie asks Enid to cut her hair. (this usually happens to a woman after a man leaves her) Maggie begins cramping really bad. Michonne and Glen are sitting tied up as Daryl and Rosita try to help but they are taken by surprise by Dwight. A gun shoot goes off and blood is on the camera (as always) and Dwight has a gun to Daryl. Dwight is heard saying you will be alright. 

Fangirl Review: The imagery in the beginning was a bit much as well as the inspirational speeches by Morgan and Glen. I was annoyed that so many people left the town unprotected. They are making poor decisions left and right. I was annoyed by the blood splatter but  I am looking forward to finally meeting Negan next week. 

So what do you think happened when Dwight pulled the trigger?

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