Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Goetia is out now!

 Abigail Blackwood has risen from the dead, and she has no idea why. It’s been 40 years since her death, and her home - Blackwood Manor - lies deserted, with no trace of her family. What happened? Why has she returned? And what has her family been up to during that time…?

Goetia is a haunting point-and-click adventure for PC in which you guide Abigail through Blackwood Manor and the surrounding countryside in a bid to solve the mysteries held there. With over 90 rooms and multiple ways to complete your adventure, it’s a deep and compelling story you won’t want to miss!

Platform: PC Download
SKU: 72080
Price: $14.99
Developer: Sushee
Languages: English, French - For Interface 

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