Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Halo Legendary Crate Available for Order; Become a Member of Fireteam Apollo

Attention, Spartans! A couple weeks ago, 343 Industries announced it was partnering with Loot Crate to bring the Halo Legendary Crate to fans, packed with exclusive figures, apparel, collectibles, in-game items and more. 343 Industries is excited to announce that the Halo Legendary Crate is now available for order and anyone who subscribes will become a Spartan of Fireteam Apollo, giving you access to exclusive Halo content!

Halo Legendary Crate – What’s in the Box?

As a quick reminder, the Halo Legendary Crate is packed with all types of Halo goodies that will be delivered every two months starting in August for $34.99 + $5 domestic shipping ($65 value) per crate. Each crate will be themed around a key part of the Halo universe – for the first box, we’ll spotlight the new breed of UNSC super soldiers with the SPARTAN-IV INITIATION crate.

Each Halo Legendary Crate will come with a special, exclusive figure, with the first figure celebrating the heroic deeds of SPARTAN-IVs, such as Commander Sarah Palmer and Fireteam Osiris in the SPARTAN-IV Initiation Crate. 343 Industries will be unveiling this exclusive figure at RTX 2016 on Friday, July 1, so be sure to stop on by and check it out in-person or on stream at

Become a member of Fireteam Apollo Today!

As an added bonus, anyone who orders the Halo Legendary Crate and links their Microsoft account will become a member of Fireteam Apollo, a brand new superfan program steeped in Halo lore. In the Halo universe, members of Fireteam Apollo are Spartan-IVs assigned to the UNSC Infinity and are led by Commander Sarah Palmer.

So what do you get by being a member of Fireteam Apollo? For starters, members of Fireteam Apollo will receive an exclusive in-game emblem and exclusive REQ packs for use in Halo 5: Guardians. For Halo Waypoint frequenters, you’ll receive a special forum badge. For those who opt for the year-long Halo Legendary Crate subscription will also receive a “Legendary” pin. Members of Fireteam Apollo also get to connect even deeper with the Halo community – we’ll have more exciting perks and programs to be announced in the future!

It’s a great time to be a fan of Halo, with Warzone Firefight being released tomorrow for Halo 5: Guardians and the SPARTAN-IV Initiation Crate being released in August. Be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire and Halo Waypoint for all the latest Halo news!

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