Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Walking Dead Trailer: Shiva Revealed at SDCC

The survivors on Walking Dead have faced a lot. Season 6 ended on a huge cliff hanger and I think it pissed off a lot of fans as we all were waiting to see who gets to meet up with Lucille. Frankly after seeing this trailer I truly no longer care. Check out the trailer below: 

Fangirl Thoughts: Shiva is the beautiful tiger that you get to see at the end of the trailer. Frankly the only thing that I care about in the trailer at this point. I remember when I was reading the comic and it took me a moment to realize what I was reading. My brother texted me saying he has a tiger and I did not understand until I read the comic. I was like OMG! There is a tiger! I just want to see how it all plays out in this season. Hopefully it makes me happy as a fan. 

Season 7 is to premiere on October 9th, 2016 on AMC. 

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