Friday, July 8, 2016

Valiant Reveals FAITH #1 COLORING BOOK EDITION – Flying onto Shelves July 20th!

Fans, sharpen your pencils…because the high-flying hero of 2016 is about to burst out of her all-new ongoing series and into Valiant's very first adult coloring book experience!

Valiant is proud to announce the FAITH #1 COLORING BOOK EDITION – a specially produced black-and-white edition of Faith's stratospheric first issue printed on deluxe matte paper stock for the color-it-yourself comics sensation of the summer! Colored pencils! Crayons! Markers! Pastels! Re-imagine the debut issue of the much-anticipated ongoing series from breakout writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black), Harvey Award-nominated artist Pere Perez (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG), and 2016 Russ Manning Award nominee Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics Bombshells) as you see fit with a kaleidoscopic range of coloring opportunities at your fingertips!
In stores on July 20th alongside the all-new FAITH #1 – the lead title from "THE FUTURE OF VALIANT" initiative continuing throughout 2016 – the FAITH #1 COLORING BOOK EDITION comes complete with the issue's finished lettering and an exclusive bonus cover gallery, so you can enjoy the full storytelling experience of Valiant's spotlight-stealing hero…even as you unleash your inner artist! Perfect for fans young and old, this first-of-its-kind Valiant collectible is your chance to take a front row seat in creating the adventures of the year's number-one new hero!

In a city under siege by robots, aliens, monsters and even worse...celebrities, there is only one woman the people of Los Angeles can count on: the stratospheric superhero called Faith! Aspiring reporter by day and dedicated crime-fighter by night, Faith has tackled every obstacle in her path with confidence - like those crushing deadlines at work, the long-distance boyfriend half a world away, and the missing back issues that plague her comics collection! But, unbeknownst to her, Faith is about to collide with the one force she never saw coming: an up-and-coming super-villain bent on snuffing her out once and for all! But who is lurking behind the mask of her new foe...and could they just be the one person capable of rendering Faith powerless?

On July 20th, let your imagination take flight with the FAITH #1 COLORING BOOK EDITION – available at all qualifying comic book retailers! Contact your local comic shop to reserve your copies of FAITH #1 and the FAITH #1 COLORING BOOK EDITION today!

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