Friday, August 19, 2016

Hashtag Comics Announces New Spinoff Series

Hashtag Comics, best known for Tailwands and Carpe Noctem, is making headlines as it announced a spinoff series from its flagship children's series, Tailwands. 

The fifth book in the Tailwands series, "Tailwand Academy" is currently listed for pre-order in Diamond Comic's PreviewsWorld and a sixth is currently being drawn by lead series artist Morgan Rae Myers and her team. While the name of the sixth book is currently being kept under wraps, it is being said that it is the final chapter in the series leading up to the spinoff title.

Tailwands first hit stores in April of 2015 and quickly became the flagship series of Hashtag Comics, with distribution to over ten thousand schools and libraries in addition to its run in comic shops. The main character Kaya also has her own plush doll, rumored to be unveiled at this year's New York Comic Con.

This past weekend at Otakon, Hashtag's founder Drew Crowder announced there was a spinoff series in development called "The Legend of Artemus Bell", a detective adventure and episodic mystery series about Kaya's eccentric and mysterious uncle Artemus. Not much more detail was given but Crowder said there would be more information available on this and more as a NYCC exclusive.

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