Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Let´s get ready to Tumble! New Minecraft mini game out now!

What’s happening? Tumble mini game is here!
How much does it cost? $0.00. Tumble is available on consoles as part of today’s free game update.
When is it happening? TODAY
Why is this awesome? Minecraft players on consoles are getting a new way to play with friends and send them to a fiery grave. x_x

Let´s get ready to Tumble! New Minecraft mini game out now!

Minecraft hopes you’ve having fun playing Battle, the first mini game for Minecraft on consoles. Getting to challenge your friends and experience Minecraft in new ways is always fun, and they are about to introduce you to even more ways to do it. Today, they really excited to bring you the Tumble mini game available as part of the free game update, rolling out to consoles now.

Tumble is a frantic competitive mini game where your objective is to avoid taking a dip in red hot lava by making sure that other players fall into it first. You get to do this destroying the floor beneath your enemies' feet as you stand in platforms that can have one or more layers. Sound easy? Well, remember that other players will use their shovels or snowballs to get you to fall first. And when you get up to 8 friends to do this at the same time, it does get a little wild. Check it out for yourself in the trailer.

They also releasing some more goodies for Battle mini game aficionados today with a group of three more fun maps to play in Battle mini game. Battle Map Pack #3 is now available in the Xbox store for $2.99 USD or local equivalent and it includes three thrilling new maps: the colossal Castle, the incredible Shipyard and the terrifying Invasion! Fancy trailer can be seen here.

The latest free update for Minecraft on consoles is available today for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other consoles. All you have to do is turn on your console and update your game – nothing extra to buy – and you’ll be dropping opponents into sizzling pools of lava in minutes.

Keep your feet on the ground, crafters!

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