Monday, September 12, 2016

Baltimore Comic Con 2016 Review

Fangirl showed up again at the 2016 Baltimore Comic Con which is the 18th annual convention. I always enjoy going to this particular con as it is so well organized and true fans are in attendance.

Show Floor: The show floor was filled with a lot of great vendors. I enjoyed perusing the rows and rows of comics. If you were looking for a particular issue this is the place to go. You could find various comics. The artist alley had a lot of promising artists and I enjoyed stopping the Valiant Booth. What I enjoy most about the show floor is that it is so well organized and all the vendors are so nice. I had to talk myself out of buying a Gudetama pillow but I did partake in the mystery box. I mean c'mon! I had to have one and walked away with a pair of snazzy Star Trek slippers.

This year had another great amount of Media Guests. This is another great thing about this convention is that it is not too heavy with talent and you truly get a great insight into each one. Each has an hour long panel with just them and a moderator and you really get to know the guest.

Candice Patton Spotlight: Is as amazing in person as she is on The Flash. She was dressed in an amazing blue dress and provided great talk. She was very passionate about diversity in television and movies and hopes to one day move to the big screen. Check out below some video from the panel. 

Hayley Attwell Spotlight: She was truly amazing and was dressed very comfortably in a Blazer, Jeans, and Converse. She was very open to discussing her roles and told great stories that made the audience laugh. Check out below for some video from the panel.

Overall it was another great convention that I look forward to attending again next year. The 2017 Convention will be at the Baltimore Convention Center from September 22-24th.

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