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Recap: The Walking Dead Season 7 ep. 1 "The day will come when you won't be"

Recap: Episode starts with Negan and his blood covered Lucille and Rick swears vengeance even while on his knees. He drags Rick to the camper to have a discussion. Negan laughs at Rick for his "I am going to kill you" speech. He taunts Rick into trying to kill him but maintains the upper hand the whole time. (Not sure why Rick thought he had a chance) Negan drives the camper and kills some walkers while Rick is having flashbacks of his people all on their knees with one of them waiting to die. Negan reminds him that everything is his. Negan taunts him more and tells him to think about what happened.

Rick is on top of the camper reliving the moment Negan is deciding who he is going to kill. He picks Abraham and proceeds to beat in his skull in front of everyone. Everyone is devastated as Negan continues to beat in his skull and we get a pretty nasty image of Abraham's head that is no longer recognizable. (and this is why the comic is in black and white) Daryl stands up and punches Negan but is quickly is wrestled to the ground. Negan  then goes and bashes in Glenn's skull and we get that messed up image of his eye popping out and trying to talk. It is a messed up gory moment. Everyone is crying and upset at this moment. There is a great image of Negan bashing him in and blood flying. Again another bloody gory image. Back to current time with Rick still laying on top of the camper that is surrounded by walkers.

Rick is forced to run and find the ax and has flashbacks of everyone being hit by Lucille as he kills walkers to get back to the camper. Rick gives Negan the ax and has the nerve to say "attaboy". He drives the camper back and he talks to Rick and reminds him that he is no longer in charge but instead works for him. Negan cleans off the ax and hands it back to Rick. Rick is dragged from the camper back to the clearing with all his people. Negan says that the whole camper trip was to change how Rick is looking at him but he is still looking at him wrong. Rick's people now have guns to the back of their heads and Negan gives Rick one last chance. Negan tells Carl to come close. He ties his belt around Carl's arm and is told to lay down next to Rick. Negan uses a marker to draw a line on Carl's arm. Negan tells Rick to take the ax and cut Carl's arm off at that line if he doesn't everyone will die. Rick begs for it to be him instead. Carl tells his father to just do it. Rick picks up the ax and Negan stops him right before and reminds Rick that he belongs to him and Negan says that is the look he wanted to see. Negan makes another speech saying that it is over now. Dwight grabs Daryl and loads him into the back of a van and Negan says he is mine now. Negan says they will be back for the first offering in one week and all his people walk away. 

Sad music time as Negan's people leave Rick's people in shambles. Maggie stands up and wants to fight and says she will get to the hilltop and she needs the rest of them to go back. Sasha stands up and says she will take Maggie there and make sure she gets there safe. Everyone steps up to handle the bodies. Rick has a vision of everyone happy and eating like Negan taunted and it's bittersweet. Rick hops into the camper and starts to drive away and sees a walker in come into the clearing starts to eat the bloody remains of his friends. 

Fangirl Thoughts: I thought the Season Finale of season 6 was our foreplay and that we will finally know who met Lucille. I am frankly disappointed that we are almost twenty minutes in to the next episode and still do not know who died just a bunch of Rick's guilt filled flashbacks. They should just tell us who died already. That should have been the first thing that was revealed. The big reveal finally happens (Abraham and Glen meet Lucille) and frankly we could have had that from the beginning instead of dealing with all the flashback crap. 

A gory death for two people  was a bit much but I am enjoying the blood. I guess since the season finale made me so mad that I am happy to have people die. Frankly he could have killed a few more and cut off someone's arm and I would have been alright. Either way I think that the show needs to work on its pacing. I look forward to seeing how this turns out. 

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