Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie Review: Star Wars: Rogue One

IMDB Storyline: Jyn Erso, a Rebellion soldier and criminal, is about to experience her biggest challenge yet when Mon Mothma sets her out on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. With help from the Rebels, a master swordsman, and non-allied forces, Jyn will be in for something bigger than she thinks.

Fangirl Thoughts: I enjoyed that they are making more movies in which the chosen one is a female. It is always great to see the female lead kick some butt. The movie overall fills in those small little questions we had about A New Hope. I always wondered about that small little trigger that could destroy the whole Death Star and welp look right here they made a whole movie explaining why. Also you hear the Rogue Two call tag in a later movie, so here at least you get to see Rogue One.

The movie is surprisingly well done and does not feel like it drags to me. I enjoyed the moments when I was like oh, they are talking about "insert important character name here". You see the desperate attempt by all to protect those Death Star plans and get them to the rebel base. It was actually a surprisingly smooth transition into the Episode 4. 

Best Moments: 
1. Darth Vader! He is epic! He is awesome! I mean I think any Star Wars fan or even someone who is slightly aware of the story knows that it is all bad for Rogue One before the opening credits start. Yet seeing the destructive force of Vader in 3D is a sight to behold. Though I think this Vader was a bit more sassy and less stoic. Did anyone else notice that or was that just me?

2. K-2S0 - He stole the show for me. He was so animated and funny. He had a smart mouth but was full of logic and heart. I always seem to enjoy the droids in these movies more than the humans. I am not sure what that says about the movie or myself.

Spoiler Alert - I was personally creeped out by CGI young Leia. She looked so creepy like the human characters in the video games I play. I think they would have been better keeping her back to the audience. We know it is her by the ship, outfit, and hair. There was no need for CGI. Spoiler Alert Done
So what did you think about this movie?

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