Monday, January 2, 2017

Movie Review: Yoga Hosers

Colleen Collette (Liy-Rose Depp) and Colleen McKenzie (Harley Quinn Smith) are two average 15 year-old girls that enjoy yoga and work at a convenience store. They score big and are invited to a party by a popular senior, Hunter Calloway (Austin Butler). The two girls find themselves stuck working the night of the big party and invite the boys to join them there which ends up being more than the girls bargained for.

Fangirl Thoughts: This movie stars Kevin Smith’s and Johnny Depp’s daughters. It starts off as any typical teen movie. You have the very hot guys hitting on the younger innocent girl with her friend watching. Then the movie takes a weird turn. There is a story of a Nazi movement in Canada and how one of the main supporters disappeared. Then we have these weird little monsters called Bratzis (one foot tall Nazis made from Bratwurst) that go around killing people by entering their anus. It is the most odd thing I have seen and I have watched some very weird things (Thankskilling anyone?).

Overall the movie might be odd but you do find yourself laughing at the ridiculousness of the girls using their yoga poses to get through the obstacles of the film. Also the heavy handedness of the Canadian accents makes you shake your head. It may not be the best teen movie out there but it has enjoyable moments.

Check out this odd movie and let me know your thoughts.

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