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Rock Band February DLC Revealed

More Great Songs Arrive in Rock Band to Help Fill Out Your Online Playlist 
Full DLC Lineup for February Revealed

Hot on the heels of the Online Quickplay update for Rock Band™ Rivals come nine great full-band tracks to the Rock Band DLC library – perfect for playing together. Kicking off the month are two great songs from Ratt and Twisted Sister. These rock staples will be available on both Xbox One and PlayStation®4 this Thursday for $1.99 per track:
  • Ratt – “Round and Round”
  • Twisted Sister – “I Wanna Rock”
Rock Band’s tenth anniversary celebration continues with Rock Band Rewind this month. Four Rock Band soundtrack favorites are coming to the Rock Band 4 DLC library. They are:
  • Motörhead – “Ace of Spades” (First appeared on Rock Band 2)
  • Panic! At The Disco – “Nine In The Afternoon” (First appeared on Rock Band 2)
  • Ratt – “Round and Round” (First appeared on Rock Band 2)
  • Sum 41 – “In Too Deep” (First appeared on Lego Rock Band)
“Over the years a ton of really great songs have appeared on the various Rock Band soundtracks,” said Tom Bender, Rock Band DLC product manager. “With the release of Online Quickplay last week, we know a lot of players are excited to play some of their favorite songs from previous Rock Bands with old friends. These are some of the most played songs in Rock Band history and now they can once again be added to everyone’s music library and played together.”

The full list of songs coming to the Rock Band 4 DLC library this month is as follows:
  • Cake – “I Will Survive”
  • Jason Derulo – “Want To Want Me”
  • Motörhead – “Ace of Spades”
  • Panic! At The Disco – “Nine In The Afternoon”
  • Ram Jam – “Black Betty”
  • Ratt – “Round and Round”
  • Simple Minds – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
  • Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”
  • Twisted Sister – “I Wanna Rock”
Stay tuned to Rock Band’s Twitter and Facebook pages for song chart reveals throughout the month.

Gameplay Notes
Starting off our Rewind tracks for the month, “Round and Round” by Ratt comes to Rock Band as DLC for the first time. This 1984 hit from the 3x platinum selling album Out of the Cellar rose to #12 on the Hot 100 charts and would become the band’s signature song. Those who love belting it out on vocals will love singing this track in-game – both melody and harmony lines will have plenty to do, and we bet you can’t keep your head from banging during this tune. With what our Audio QA team calls a “rippin’ solo” on guitar added to the mix, “Round and Round” is a well-rounded pick for your Music Library.

“I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister makes its Rock Band debut this week. Featuring a memorable Animal House-inspired music video, “I Wanna Rock” placed #17 on VH1’s Greatest Hard Rock Songs of All-Time. This tune is perfect for beginner rock vocalists, getting harmony singers together for the energy-inspired “ROCK” in each and every chorus. Drummers should take heed to the fair amount of kicks throughout the song. A galloping bass chart will keep this spirited rock hit moving right along through the end.

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