Saturday, February 27, 2021

We don’t need another Superman


This is going to be a different Fangirl Review article. This is an op-ed piece so buckle up and prepare yourself for the ride.

I have been with the CW since its switch over from the WB and I have enjoyed its various programming. Was I a heartbroken blerd when Clark never flew in Smallville; yes I was. I have now started to invest into the Arrowverse but only select shows and the crossovers.

I was excited when I learned of the show Black Lightning. Finally, a superhero show in the CW that is filled with people that look like me! The soundtrack alone was simply amazing and perfectly timed with the episode’s content.

It annoyed me to no end that this show was cancelled. I am sure they can justify it based on budgeting and viewership. But let’s be honest, the show did not receive the support it should have and was constantly kept separate from the other shows. Maybe if they did a better job at actually having the viewers of the other shows invest in Black Lightning it would have performed better. We were introduced to new super heroes of the Arrowverse by having the individuals appear in an already established show. We did not receive that with Black Lightning, frankly it felt like the show was purposely being segregated (yes, I use this term, deal with it) from the rest of Arrowverse.

I apologize for my previous paragraphs, I am going to get to my point now. I watch the CW shows every week and I have seen many advertisements on the new Superman show. I did not think anything of it until I actually clicked on Black Lightning in the CW app and that is when I realized that I have missed three episodes of this show. I was simply flabbergasted. I had to ask myself the question why have I not seen any advertisements especially since in the last few weeks I have watched at least two other CW shows. I have sat through advertisements about yet another Caucasian male superhero but I did not see one single advertisement for Black Lightning.

This is the show’s final season and I am beyond disappointed in the CW. Either promote all your shows equally or do not promote them at all. This show is too powerful to be pushed aside and forgotten. It depicts an educated Black family that is passionate and determined to love each other and save each other. It goes against so many stereotypes and it’s a beautiful representation. I had to write this article to tell the CW that they have to do better. To tell Hollywood as a whole that Black viewers want to see more of these types of shows. I am tired of the reality shows and the drug kingpin shows. There is so much more depth to Black and Brown viewers. There are more independent production companies coming about and bringing alternatives (KevOnStage Studios is out here doing amazing things) for viewers that it is time that Hollywood wake-up and realize that we do not need another Superman, we need representation if you want to keep us.

Comment below your thoughts. 

Post by VIkki


  1. I agree with the segaration of the show. It was nice when they brought the character into the crossover but it still felt separate from the other shows. I think the writing was on the wall around the end of Season 2.

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