Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sherlock Holmes: The Theories

Welcome to the first installment of Sherlock Wednesdays. 

Hello fellow Sherlock fans, (and people who are interested in becoming Sherlock fans)! My name is Jasmine and I'm an Anglophile living in New Jersey!! Every Wednesday I'll be talking about all things BBC Sherlock.

 I will warn you now that these posts will be full of spoiler-y if you have not watched the show, what are you waiting for?!?! There are 2 series, 3 episodes in each (that means 6 for the mathematically challenged, wink) and run about 90 minutes. So watch them and then come back if you don't want to be confused because we are starting backwards and asking the BIG question....

How did Sherlock survive the Reichenbach Fall? 

I personally have two theories:

Theory 1:  Sherlock is the 12th Doctor.
He has a Tardis. 

The End.

Theory 2: It's all in the planning. 

So I will not pretend I know how he did the whole thing but I do have some opinions on certain parts.
He actually jumped.

I don't think there was time to use a dummy or another body to push. I think he did jump. 

He had to have something soft to land on maybe a truck bed with an airbag that would deploy before impact? That would certainly cause a blood spray. You'll get hurt but he has already secured Molly to help and he's at the hospital.

Homeless Network

I think the bike rider that hits John when he's running to Sherlock and the crowd around him when he reaches him are all part of Sherlock's Homeless Network.

The Squash Ball

He's playing with it the whole time. Squash ball in the armpit and then lying on your arm can make the pulse in your wrist really hard to feel. Especially if the body is your best friend and you just sustained a concussion from a bike....

As the theories continue to pile up and trust me there are some interesting one's the use of pufferfish poison being the winner for me. 

The final episode of the third series is being filmed this week so hopefully we will know by end of this year/early next year. Co-series writer Steven Moffat says the clues are there to figure it out, “There is a clue everybody’s missed, so many people theorizing about Sherlock’s death online – and they missed it! We’ve worked out how Sherlock survives, and actually shot part of what really happened. It all makes sense.” 

Keep the theories coming.
And now for something completely if you dare...see you next week 

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