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Teen Wolf Season 3 Ep. 9: "The Girl who Knew too Much" Recap

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 9 “The Girl Who Knew too Much” Recap

Quick note – I really think episode 8 was just to explain real quick why Jackson had blue eyes when he turned into a wolf last season. IMHO

Okay onto the show recap.


Local cop walks into the high school at night. Cue creepy music here. Cop gets spooked, draws gun, sees body being dragged away and follows accordingly. Sounds like a good survival horror video game to me. She finds the dead body in the shower and it is her. Major creep factor. She is killed by some crazed looking monster. And end scene.

Scooby gang meets up. Scott, Allison, Stiles, and Lydia. Lydia has another fugue state and ends up calling in the troops prior to finding the dead body.

Stiles and his Dad have a conversation about the cop being killed. Stiles is seriously concerned about his father being next.

Allison and her Dad talk about Allison going to school to be around her friends during all the blood shed. Of coarse Allison hops out of bed all action movie like, already dressed, goes to her closet to grab her weapons. She pauses and walks slowly to the window, again creepy music, pulls in Isaac and throws him to the ground and holds a knife to his throat.

Stiles and Scott talk about trying to get Ethan on their side but recognize they have to go through Aidan first. Aidan starts ribbing him about Ethan liking Danny and threatens him.  Scott and Stiles decide to use Lydia’s feminine wiles to distract Aidan. Of course the little revenge circle things gets etched into the glass while Lydia and Aidan are together.

Ethan asks why Stiles and Scott are even talking to him. Of coarse we get a fun Stiles answer. I truly enjoy the Stiles character, he brings life to the series. Aidan admits that he was not an alpha when he met Deucalion but rather was an Omega (lowest in the pack).  Aidan admits under Deucalion’s tutelage that he and his brother worked from the bottom and killed their whole pack. Conversation stops when Aidan feels his brother being attacked by Derek’s sister.

Fight sequence. Cora loses. 

Allison goes back to the map in her Dad’s office. Isaac is with her. I feel like Isaac is about to break Guy Code. I am not supporting this relationship! They find a Celtic symbol on desk. The last being “Guardians” and we already have one cop dead.

Ms. Blake sees Derek all broody in the shadows and runs into his arms…….Yeah I am not going to make a joke about that. You can take the time and insert witty joke here.

Scott shows up in the guidance counselor’s office asking for some guidance.

Stiles receives a call from Allison about her theory of guardians being law enforcement. Stiles says he needs to tell his Dad the truth and needs the help of Cora.

Ms. Morell, guidance counselor/confidant of the alpha pack, is all Girl 6 voice with Scott. Scott asks if she is the one killing people. Ha! Morell informs Scott that Deucalion wants a true Alpha in his pack and believes it is Scott. Deep discussion occurs. Deucalion wants him because he will become a true alpha but wants him to be a killer which will stop him from being a true alpha.

Teacher writing on board, turns away, turns back and Celtic sign is now on the board. He drops the chalk, it rolls into the hallway, and lands under Lydia’s foot and she walks to the board and writes a number 2 on the board while in a trance. Lydia is freaking out and claiming the missing professor is gone and dead. Everyone looks at her like she is crazy.

Stiles is pacing and trying to figure out how to tell his Dad the truth. I do not understand why these people just do not come out and tell the truth from the beginning. Hey if the family shuns you or freaks out on you then so be it.

Allison truly believes her father is the killer because of his map. Obviously if she thinks it, then it cannot be him.

Another Werewolf in London joke!

Allison rolls up on the new body dump site with only Isaac as her back up. They enter a large creepy warehouse. They see the killer. Try to go after him and get in the way of Mr. Argent who rolls up with the double guns Tomb Raider style to take the weird monster thing out. It is humanoid (you love my use of that word) with opaque glowing eyes. Turns out is not Guardians but rather Philosophers are next to be killed. All teachers will be at the recital waiting to be picked off. Allison and her Dad yell at each other about keeping secrets and telling lies.

Stiles is still trying to convince his Dad about the things that go bump in the night by providing examples of weird unexplained occurrences. His Dad yells at him and Stiles walks away saying his mother would have believed him. *heart strings pulled*

Recital time! Scooby gang is back together again. You have the evil twins and the guidance counselor and Lydia cannot go home. Lydia believes if she stops fighting it then maybe her and Scott can stop it from happening.

Derek is in the hospital with Cora. Awe sibling bonding!

Aidan is texting Lydia to meet him. Turns out Aidan lost his phone. Uh oh!

Sheriff Stilinski asks Scott’s Mom about a patient 10 years ago. That something freaky happened at the same time with birds flying into the building killing themselves.....remind you of anything. 

Lydia is now wondering the school by herself. At least she is doing it in really cure shoes. Ms. Blake comes out of the shadows and knocks Lydia out.

Scott and Stiles try to rush out to find Lydia. Ms. Blake begins explaining how the sacrifices are a necessary evil. Lydia screams from her soul which causes all the werewolves to freak out. Ms. Blake calls Lydia a “Wailing Woman” a “Banshee”. Reminds me of Left for Dead. Freaky music playing and a string breaks on the piano at the recital, slitting the throat of the piano player. Mass hysteria as everyone runs.

Mr. Stilinski shows up. Ms. Blake throws a knife at him. In comes Scott all wolfed out.

Fight Sequence. Scott and Stilinski are losing. 

Ms. Blake has some moves and Scott is down. Ms. Stilinski shoots her and she heals. He recalls that she was the patient ten years ago. Ms. Blake picks him up by the knife and crumples his badge with her bare hands. Ms. Blake kisses him and turns into the weird monster and snatches him as she runs off.


My thoughts: Ha! I like that the teacher is the bad Druid. Wow, I wonder what happened to her ten years ago that made her evil and why she decided to go down that path. Considering that she is wrapped up with Derek I wonder if it is connected to his family and the fire, etc.

Next we have Lydia. Lydia has been outed as a banshee. Now I have some knowledge of a banshee which is that they are an Omen of death and wails when someone is about to die. This should be interesting to see what significance this plays.

Okay so we have all these wolves, we have hunters, and now we have a banshee……poor Stiles when will he get special powers of some sort.

Previews show Ms. Blake willing to work with the Scooby Gang because the Alpha pack wants her dead. I guess we have to wait and see to get her full story. Lets hope that Mr. Stilinski is okay! 

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