Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Cult Classic Films

Hi Everyone,

This week I decided to share with you my cult classic films. Basically these films I know beyond belief and able to quote and make it fit appropriately.

A cult film, also commonly referred to as a cult classic, is a film that has acquired a cult following. Cult films are known for their dedicated fanbase, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoting dialogue, and audience participation. I figured I would give you the definition. I know that I have repeated viewings and quoting dialogue but who knows. These are my cult classics, you do not have to agree okay! 

1. Clueless 

This movie is a favorite of mine. It is simplistic but fun and it is easy to quote. "Full on Monet". I have this movie in digital form on my phone. I watch it randomly at work to help me focus. Yes, these cult classic movies help me focus on my work. Basically I know the movies so well that they become White Noise that I can quote. While in college, if I needed to write a ten page paper real quick, I would play all of these movies back to back until I was done. It worked every time. This technique kept me on track for my Master's Thesis. Sorry off topic, the movie really brought out Alicia Silverstone, Stacey Dash, and Brittney Murphy. Plus I love their shopping. 

2. Hackers 

Hackers was a fun movie and reinforced my love of the PC world. I was lucky to have a computer at a very young age and I still use my same AOL account since the age of 11. This movie just makes me feel good to see their hacking skills and while I know some stuff, I always wish I was on their level. Plus who didn't love Angelina Jolie and her first hubby in this movie.  

3. Lean on Me 

This movie stars my favorite actor, Morgan Freeman. I understand I am a little bit young to have him be my favorite actor but just look at his resume and you can see how awesome his record is. I enjoyed this movie even though the story changed a bit from the real story the message was great and who doesn't bust out singing Lean on Me at least once a week......okay maybe that is just me. Also you got to love chanting "Free Mr. Clark!" or "You smoke crack dontcha!" "Go ahead and jump, don't f*ck around with it, do it expeditiously" "That means they can barely read!" and last but not least "There's only one boss around here, that me. The HNIC!" - Okay I will stop with the quotes but understand I just acted out half of the movie. I should have recorded it and posted it to YouTube.... one more! "I don't have to do nothing, but stay Black and die" - Okay I use this one way too much. 

4. Empire Records 

Okay I know but c'mon you have Renee Zellweger and Liv Tyler in the cast. The movie gives you your typical teen angst and if you ever worked a little part time job after school where all your friends worked as well, then you will completely understand this movie. Dollarland!!!! 
The Lucas character is just so much fun. Who didn't have a supervisor named Joe? 
"It's Rex Manning Day!"

5. The Five Heartbeats 

I know this movie frontwards and backwards! You got Leon and Robert Townsend in the movie. There is a guy named Big Red that has shady dealings and office hours from 9 to 5. A singing group rises up and falls in an epic way. Drugs destroy the lead singer but they come together at the end. "Ya'll wanna hang with ol' Eddie Kane." This movie is just so great. I have the soundtrack in my car! "I can see through your jive ass like glass!" 

My favorite part was when poor Eddie Kane tried to sing. It's so heartbreaking but who doesn't sing this part?

Honorable Mentions: Clerks 2, Mall Rats, Teen Witch, and Labyrinth. Also The Players Club - "You gotta use what you got to get what you want" "Make that money, don't let the money make you!" Plus that fight sequence was beyond crazy!

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