Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sherlock Fandom done Right!

Hello everyone!!! So last week I traumatized you with evil dolls and puppets, sorry about that.

Remember us!!!!!
So this week I shall shower you with some of the awesomeness I have found online!!!

This Very Cool Sticker!

It's simple, it's cool, it's vinyl so I can stick it on my car!!!! 

Dolls!! (The super cute kind!)

So while the dolls do not have mouths, man are they super cute!!! They make me feel like literally 
squeezing the stuffing out of them!!

Cuff Bracelet

So this bracelet has a blue print of 221 B Baker Street and a Sherlock Quote. I can wear this and feel sophisticated with my very adult cuff bracelet and go super fan girly crazy when someone recognizes what it is!!! The best of both worlds!!!

Very Cool Poster

So this poster is full of quotes from the show. It's fun to see how many you can find over time! Or if you have OCD like me, you can stare at it and read all of them on your iPhone screen at once.


I like being clean and I like Sherlock this is a match made in heaven! You can also choose your scent for each soap. I dig the skull and I love the reference to One of my favorite quotes,"Honey you should see me in a crown"


So I heart the whole Keep Calm thing that the Internet is doing. Thanks Internet! So I really heart this collection! The Mycroft and Lestrade ones made me laugh out loud at work.


I think this is really cool and unique. How much does a persons signature say about themselves?
When I look at these I can believe that this fictional character really signed this card. Below is all the characters signatures. Anderson's seems spot on.

Cookie Cutter
So these weird looking cookie cutters...

Turn into these cookies!!!!

That's magic to me. Cookie John seems worried. Probably because he and his friend look delicious!

So there you have it some of the very cool and unique items Sherlock Fans have created! Go forth and support our people!

See you next week and enjoy!!!!

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