Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Phoenix Wright Movie Review

Phoenix Wright Movie: 

Amazon Story line: With the storyline based primarily on the first game in the Ace Attorney series (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney), the series' signature style is combined with a courtroom drama. Rookie defense attorney Phoenix Wright (Hiroki Narimiya) strives to protect his clients in various murder trials, including the death of his mentor, Mia Fey (Rei Dan) and the accusation of rival prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth (Takumi Saito). Wright's greatest ally is Mia's younger sister Maya Fey (Mirei Kiritani), a spirit medium whose body is possessed by Mia to communicate with him. Wright is later given the task of solving the DL-6 case, a murder that has not been solved for 15 years. The movie premiered in February 2012 in Japan.

My Thoughts: I finally got my hands on a copy of an English substitles of the Phoenix Wright movie. The movie is over two hours long which allowed for the development of the story lines appropriately. The movie follows the first video game exactly. The anime hair while surprising at first actually seems to fit into the world. The movie brought the concept of the attorney vs attorney to life.

It was interesting to see the hologram boards being pulled down to present information and even thrown at the opposing counsel to further support an objection. I believe what made this one of the best video game movie adaptions is that the story line was so compelling that after a while I forgot that it was a video game movie and I felt like it was an extended episode of Law & Order.

The characters looked exactly like the video game characters which further added to the feeling of being immersed into the world of Phoenix Wright.

I enjoyed seeing Detective Gumshoe (Shunsuke Diato) and Larry Butz (Akiyoshi Nakao). Larry was wearing the loud orange-yellow jacket and trying to sell the ridiculous clock and Gumshoe had the appropriate Band-Aid on his face.

The judge (Akira Emoto) with the beard was beyond authentic.

The background story of Miles, Phoenix, and Larry knowing each other provided a nice depth to the movie. Seeing them as kids with the crazy hair was nice to see.

The movie flowed well from beginning to end. Frankly they should make the other video games in the same style. It was nice to see Wright sweating when he realizes he is losing until Maya helps him with the aid of Mia. It was amazing to see.

I would recommend this movie for those who enjoy the video game series. I heard there have been mixed reviews but maybe you should sit down with The Thinker clock and ask for his assistance.


  1. I have been looking for this as well. Awesome review.

    1. Thanks. You definitely need to check it out. You will be just as amazed as I was.