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Teen Wolf Season 3 Ep. 10: "The Overlooked" Recap

Teen Wolf Season 3 Ep. 10: “The Overlooked”

Recap: Storm of the century and the hospital is being evacuated. Cora Hale is still there. Peter meets with Scott’s mom in the hospital. Cora wakes up puking black stuff.
Ms. Blake runs to Derrick and throws her arms around him. She tries to spin a story. Yet Derrick already knows. Scott and Stiles are already there. She tries to claim that she is innocent. Scott brings out a ground mistletoe and she is revealed for what she is. She claims they need her and she is the only one who can save Cora. 
On the road, Ms. Blake is still trying to talk Derrick into trusting her. She claims he needs to know how connected they are.

They arrive at the hospital. Scott tells his mom to get out now. I love his mom. She is strong and supports her son so well. They arrive to Cora’s room but they find it empty. Peter is thrown through a door and on the other side is an Alpha. 
Awesome wolf fight ensues. Scott tries to get the twins to stop fighting him. Ms. Blake makes a run for it on the elevator. Ducalean is there with She-Alpha. Ms. Blake knocks her back and makes a getaway.
Ducalean meets Scott’s mom. She immediately knows that he is the bad guy. Smart Woman.

Apparently Ms. Blake is gaining powers from the killings according to the twins. Ms. Blake walks in and says she will help with Cora only if she gets out of the hospital safe and sound. 
Over the intercom system is Scott’s mom, saying Ducalean is requesting the audience of Ms. Blake. She outs Scott for being another commodity for the Alpha pack. Scott is called out as a True Alpha. 
Peter gets hopped up on Epinephrine. This just makes me giggle. He walks out with a huge needle sticking out of him and runs towards the Twin Monster. Peter and Scott fight the Alpha. 

Stiles and crew try to make a run for it. Alpha chick is after Derrick and Ms. Blake. The elevator stops after they narrowly escape. Ducalean lets Scott’s mom go. 
Stiles and Cora are in the ambulance outside. Cora has stopped breathing. Stiles is trying to walk through CPR. He is such a great character. He brings her back. 
Ms. Blake and Derrick are stuck in the Elevator trying to figure out what to do. 
Peter and Scott are on the run. They jump down the laundry chute. Derrick texts Scott to turn on the generator. Stiles shows his faith in Scott. He talks to the unconscious Cora about how he is feeling useless and how he does not want to find his father’s body. Stiles hears growling and sees the Twin Alpha. 

Argents and Isaac are creeping around the hospital. Scott drops a beaten down Peter to Stiles. Scott goes back into the hospital and is now fighting the twins alone. Scott’s mom shocks the twins with a defibrillator which causes them to separate. Awesome music plays and the McCalls make a run for it. 
Derrick and Ms. Blake are talking in the elevator. She tries to convince Derrick that she cares for him. Julia Bacarri is Ms. Blake’s real name. She was the She-Alpha’s emissary and despite the vicious attack she was not killed. She-Alpha claims she thought she was dead. I almost feel sorry for her. Derrick finds out that the tree where he killed Page helped save Ms. Blake. 
Story of Mistletoe is told. Ms. Blake says her sacrifices are so that she can gain power to destroy the Alpha pack. 

Werewolves lose all their power during the lunar eclipse! It seems like Ms. Blake has her plan of revenge all planned out. 
Argents and McCalls have met up. They are trying to map out a plan. Despite Isaac breaking the guy code, he is so much fun. I feel like he is stealing Stiles’s one liners. Allison pulls a switch and is running in Ms. Blake’s shoes. The alphas follow and she starts shooting arrows. 
Stiles sees the board with the signature for Parent or Guardian and makes the connection.
Derrick is knocked out on the floor. Ms. McCall is missing. Ms. Blake took Ms. McCall. Stiles tries to tell Scott not to go with Ducalean. Scott wants his mother back and leaves with Ducalean. 
Mrs. McCall and Sheriff Stilinsky are in the cellar with the tree roots. 

My Thoughts: 

Stiles continues to grow as a character and shows that despite being a human he is an asset.
I loved Ms. McCall when she pulled a Mama Bear move and shocked the twins into separation I cheered for her. As always the slow-motion fight sequences were fun.

I swear the She-Alpha needs to get a pedicure. Her creepy long tone nails freak me out. I feel sorry for the She-Alpha. She did not want to kill her friend but attempted it. It seems as the story continues you see that the Alphas have souls but at are controlled so tightly by Ducalean it is a shame. I wonder why Ms. Blake is hoarding the guardians. Is she doing it because she needs to kill them all at once at the tree to have enough power?

I understand that Ms. Blake considers Derrick the reason why she is alive. Did Page’s thoughts or feelings for Derrick become transferred to Ms. Blake? Is there another reason that she is so obsessed with Derrick? My last thought is I feel that Derrick’s mom might still be alive. I just have this feeling. 

Mr. Argent is the final sacrifice on the list for guardians. Let’s wait and see if he is grabbed.

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