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True Blood S. 6. Ep. 8 "Dead Meat" Recap

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Time for my recap of True Blood. 

True Blood Season 6 ep. 8 “Dead Meat”

Recap: Show opens with Eric in his sister’s blood. Eric and Bill have a disagreement and Eric is a little creepy at the moment covered in blood. Then Bill has the nerve to insult Godric and kicks Eric out of the house. 
Pack Time – Wolf Lady is all mean and crazy to the humans. She actually has the nerve to challenge Alcide. She says it will be to the death and trash talks how he does not have the balls to kill her. He proceeds to fight and knocks her to the ground but does not kill her. I guess she was correct.

Tara and Willa in General Population and admit they can do nothing to help Jason. Violet is still claiming Jason as her own and refuses to share Jason. She constantly throws that word “mine” around. Reminds me of the books and how that would upset Sookie. 
Sookie goes to special land to visit Warlow. She has the nerve to offer her blood to him. While he is eating she mentions how Bill visited her in the daytime. She has the nerve to ask him to do a favor for Bill. She swears she will protect him from Bill. Warlow makes a counter offer that Sookie become his. 

Jessica and James time. She is actually cuddling with him. They claim how they like each other but they only know each other for a few days. It is just foolish. 
Sam is home. He is sadly packing Terry’s stuff from his locker. I wonder if with Terry’s death Arlene becomes as Anti-Vampire crazy as she is in the books. Alcide shows up to say hey to Sam. Apparently Alcide has quit the pack and returns the humans. Hopefully Alcide will become a better person now. 
True Blood distribution to the Vamps. New guy tells Newlin not to drink the blood. This seems like a bad thing that will hurt the vampires as a whole because we know Newlin will sell them out. 
Alcide gives his condolences to Sam about Terry. Alcide says he caught “her scent”. I am thinking Nicole is knocked up.

Baby vamps try to get Pam to help Jason out. Obviously Pam makes little to no effort. 
Bellefleur House – Arlene asks Holly to go to the mortuary. Lafayette is making sure Arlene eats. Its yucky turkey bacon! Arlene finds out about the life insurance policy. Arlene becomes upset obviously.
Sookie visits Bill. Sookie asks about Bill’s plan. He claims that Warlow is safe at this time. Sookie realizes that Bill does not care if she has to sign over her life for him to have Warlow. 
Mrs. Newlin is told that vampires are not drinking the blood. They lightly torture Mr. Newlin and he squeals very quickly. Steve meets with James in the white room of death. 

Sam claims he loves Nicole. Sam asks her to stay. Mom calls Sam a Silver Fox. This just makes me giggle after she points out that Nicole is only 23. 
Sookie shows Sam her ball of light. She explains that she can get rid of her power and be normal again. Sam mentions how Sookie decides to come last minute with talking about choosing him. Ha I was right! Sam blurts out Nicole is pregnant. Sookie leaves with her tail between her legs. 

Sookie visits her parents’ graves. Sookie rambles about death and it being never ending and curses at her parent’s graves. She claims she’d rather be a vampire then to be buried next to them. 
Spokeswoman from True Blood comes kicking in the doors and demands to see the governor. Ms. Newlin has the nerve to play the strong woman card and she gets kneed by her. She sees that her product is being altered. Fighting ensues. Ms. Newlin proceeds to bleed her and she is attacked by the vampires. She then takes her heel and beats her skull in and thanks Jesus afterwards. Wow! 

Sookie calls Bill and says to pick her up in an hour. 
Eric rolls up on Holly’s kids who are with Andy’s daughter. He proceeds to do some mind control and attacks the girl. 
Vamps are slowly being herded into the White Room of Death. Jessica looks up and says how they will meet the sun in the room. 
Sookie invites Bill into special land and they find Warlow’s neck slit. Ahh turns out Eric drank fairy girl blood in order to gain access to fairy bolt-hole.

My Thoughts: Sookie has some nerve trying to hook up with Sam like that. She always picks Sam in desperate times. Poor Sam just let him be happy with Nicole. Why does Sookie always make foolish desperate decisions. She never thinks with her head. So basically after Sam turns her down she decides to go the opposite route and agree to be turned by Warlow. 
I am happy that Alcide left that foolish pack. It is infested with rabid dogs and he was becoming more like a jerk everyday. 
Geez I was not ready to see Ms. Newlin go crazy like that. She really showed the level of crazy that she possess. Who knew that she could actually be so cold-blooded.
My question is why Eric would do it and what does he hopes to gain. Eric is a master of plans and he has one. The question is what is it and who does he hope to destroy with it. 
All vamps are being rounded up. Of course we know not of all of them will be killed when the ceiling opens. My question is will HBO be bold enough to kill off a main character?

2 Episodes left.

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