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True Blood Season 6 Finale "Stay Calm Eric is not Dead"

True Blood Season 6 ep 10 “Radioactive” Recap

Starts with Sookie right after the funeral. Alcide is still there and she says she would like him to join her on a walk. Wait…she is holding her heels. 

She is walking around a graveyard barefoot. Ewww!!!!! Alcide smells vampires. They find the escapees playing at Bill’s Mansion. There goes Sookie rushing into danger yet again.

Violet is extra possessive of Jason. She plants a big one on Sookie. Sookie is a little too calm about Jason with that Violet chick. Pam runs up and hugs Sookie as well as Tara. 

Bill is inside watching from the house and seems sad and heartbroken.

Sookie goes and visits Warlow and he has decorated Fairyland. Sookie says she will keep her promise but she wants time and for him to date her. He slaps her and is choking her.

Vamp funland. Violet is a little jealous of Jessica and hits her with a volleyball. Pam tells Tara she will be going after Eric. Pam leaves Tara and tells hre to take care of Willa. Bill  no longer has his special powers of Lillith. Bill admits that he traded Sookie for Warlow’s blood. Bill is all mopey and mournful. Jessica gives him a speech about how he needs to save Sookie. Jason is yelling at Bill and needs to save Sookie. Bill has the scientist walking through the woods. Bill makes him forget all that he has been through and lets him go.

Jason begs for Adeline’s help. Andy reluctantly agrees to help. They arm up and are ready to go into fairyland.

Warlow has Sookie tied up. Sookie threatens to make herself human again. Warlow ties her hands and feeds on her.

Bill is there to help with Operation Save Sookie. Bill talks Adeline into using her light. They enter the land and Bill is fighting Warlow. They gang exits leaving Bill. Bill and Warlow exit fairyland. Violet is healing Sookie.

 Bill cannot get into the house. Warlow is in the house and is looking for Sookie. He finds in her in the bathroom. Niall comes from the other land and Jason is able to stake Warlow. After Warlow is dead all vamps lose their sun immunity.

Eric is in the sun and begins to burn.

6 Months Later. News cast about Hep V. Bill is on the show to talk about the virus. Sookie is on her couch watching Bill on television. Alcide is there with his hair cut and appears there is a relationship going on there. At Jason’s house, he is having some fun with Violet but still has not had sex.

Everyone is going to the church. You see Alcide and Sookie walking in. Everyone is at the church to get a blood test to see if they are carriers. Minister preaches togetherness and the vampires are apparently sick and roaming around to hurt humans. Sam is Mayor of Bon Temps. He says there is a plan at Bellefleur Bar and Grill where there will be good food and music for free. He asks them to agree to a monogamous feeding relationship with a vampire in order to ensure safety for both human and vampire.

Vampires and humans are mixing it up and setting up the relationship. Willa and Tara are scoping out the humans. Tara’s mom would like to talk with her. Tara’s mother wants to apologize for Tara’s whole life. Tara’s mom wants to feed her and take and care of her. This is a little weird for me.

Andy and Adeline are sitting at home. Jessica shows up at Andy’s house. Andy pulls a gun on her. Jessica offers protection and does not want anyone’s blood. Andy does not shoot her and closes the door. Jessica stands outside and protects the house.

Alcide and Sookie are leaving. Bill is there and asks for a moment alone. Alcide says that Bill can speak with him there. Bill says Sookie needs a vampire. Bill offers his protection and Sookie refuses. Alcide and Bill smell sick vampires. There is a horde of sick vampires walking up on the group of partiers.


My thoughts:

Okay so they brought Alcide back from the pack mindset. He was really becoming a jerk so at least now he is less jerky. Bill is trying to get back into Sookie’s good graces. At least this is like the book. Bill begging for forgiveness and remaining untrustworthy.  I do not believe Eric is dead, if he was Willa would feel it. Seeing that she is as happy as can be then he is not dead.

The Hep V concept follows the Sino-Aids virus that is in the book so that’s good. If a vampire fights another vampire and gets their blood in them will they then be sick as well?

 I wonder if Quinn the tiger will make an appearance along with Victor and Felipe.  

I heard rumors that Eric was leaving the show. Maybe there is some truth to that rumor.

I guess we will see what next season has to hold. 

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