Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Villain Steel Cage Match: Who will win?

Steel Cage Match of Video Game Villains 

A Steel Cage match is a wrestling match type where two or more opponents must escape a steel cage to become the victor, though sometimes the rules are bent where they may also win via pin or submission as well. In this instance it is by leaving the cage only! I guess this cage can be made out of something indestructible to ensure the cage does not melt. 

Okay so I decided for this week’s musings I will have a cage match between a few classic video game villains. 

And in this corner we have Ganandorf Dragmire. Leader of the Gerudo. 

Strengths: Ambitions, Cunning Manipulator, Skilled Swordsman, Formidable Sorcerer and ability to shape shift. Incredibly agile and with Triforce Power he gains incredible strength and teleportation. 
Weakness: Incredibly arrogant, Susceptible to sacred weapons and having own magic used against him. 

And in this corner we have Bowser Koopa aka King Koopa. Leader of the Koopa race. 

Strengths: Spiked Turtle Shell, Razor-sharp teeth, Breathes fire, has skills in Black Magic, Super strength and ability to Jump high. 
Weakness: Cumbersome and lacks agility. Susceptible to Lava. 

And in this corner we have Albert Wesker.

Strengths: Knowledgeable and cunning, skilled Marital artist and gunman. Superhuman strength, speed, agility, and regeneration from injection of T-virus (Progenitor Virus). 
Weakness: Power-hungry, need for steady injection of serum and the risk of overdosing

And in the last corner Shang Tsung, cursed by the gods to steal souls to stop from rapidly aging. First Mortal Kombat champion. 

Strengths: Sorcerer, Shapeshifter, Extreme knowledge from absorption of souls. Attacks are mainly fire based and teleportation 
Weakness: Does not block and takes on character’s weakness when morphed.

These are the four villains I have chosen to enter the match. I have listed their strengths and weaknesses. 

I believe that the more agile characters will work together to take out Bowser first. Bowser’s spiked shell will be a great asset when he starts to do his spinning jumping around attack. Once he is taken out now the real battle begins. If he was allowed to stay he could become gigantic Bowser and almost stomp and breathe fire on his opponents and the match would be over too quickly. 

I believe Wesker and Ganondorf will come together and take out Shang Tsung. His ability to shape shift into other characters will leave them at a huge disadvantage. 

Okay so now we have Wesker and Ganondorf left standing. The true match begins. 

Wesker has his super speed and Ganondorf has his skilled swordsman ability. The are both equally agile. I think they would test each other’s abilities by feigning attacks and trying to pick up tells in their fighting styles. 

I believe that in Ganondorf’s arrogance he may shape shift thinking this will provide him an advantage but leaves him susceptible to an attack to Wesker leaving him hurt. I believe this will be the turning of match. 

At this point Wesker will use every attack possible to destroy Ganondorf. Ganondorf will be down on the ground and as Wesker delivers his final blow Ganondorf is able to pick up his sword and slice Wesker’s head off. 

Match over Ganondorf is the winner and exits the cage. 

Thank you for reading this week’s Vikki’s Musing. I will continue to share with you ever Tuesday my random thoughts as the pop in my head.

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