Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Best Sherlock Memes

I love to laugh. I love the Internet.

Love of laughter + Internet = MEMES!!!!!

Here are a few of my favorite Sherlock Memes

This never fails to make me laugh. I would love to have a mug that says just 'Cup'. 

Ha! Nothing like taking a tragic moment and making it HILARIOUS!!! Spoiler Alert: he does not do a flip : (

I can actually see this as a conversation in their flat…

He is an amazing observer to see this clue that everyone else has clearly missed! I hope he can collect them all and solve the mystery. Spoiler Alert he does…he's Sherlock Holmes.

I heart yo mama jokes!!!

I love the last look on his face. He looks as the English would say Stroppy. 

I hate Twilight. I love Sherlock. 

EPIC MEME CROSSOVER!!!!! I like the panels with John best.

Ah, the Misleading Moriarty Meme. I could not pick just one. So I did the top 6! 

If you have not seen the Reichenbach Fall episode so not look at the last Meme!

There you go some of my favorite Meme's!!!

Here's a little something extra as usual : )

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