Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Ep. 1 "Straw" Recap

We ended Season 5 with Tara and Clay going to jail. Well, orange is the new black right? 

The show starts with Jax writing and questioning his path in life. There is a blonde boy writing as well. He kisses his mom who is sleeping and in walks one of Niro's guys. Chibs is the new vice president of the club since Bobby quit last year. Looks like Gemma is happy that Tara is gone and she gets to have full control of her son and his family. The creepy US Marshall is back and looks like he set up Otto to be raped while in confinement. Gemma and Chibs worry about Tig and the effects of losing his daughter. 

Jax speaks with Pope Jr. (sorry I don’t remember this guys name) and basically Tig is still on the chopping block.Tara is talking to her lawyer. She refuses to see Jax. I am not enjoying this weird hair cut that she has going on. She believes Gemma is the one who set her up for jail. The lawyer does right by Tara and tells Jax about Gemma’s possible involvement. 

Jax confronts his mother. She, of course, tries to deflect blame as always. Then Lyla comes in looking like she has been beaten and burnt with cigar marks. Apparently Lyla signed up for it as a way to make money. The guys are ready to roll. US Marshal visits Clay. Looks like he is trying to get answers and running a psy-op on him. US Marshal wants Clay to flip so he can destroy the club for the death of his sister. 

Bobby is moving into his own little place. I wonder what he has up his sleeves. Back at the club house. Gemma and Wendy talk. It looks like Wendy has a mother to mother talk with Gemma. She says she wants no parts of guardianship. 

Jax and boys pay a visit to the warehouse where Lyla was hurt. Jax tells them to pay the girls and let them go. Shooting time! Yay! Violence! Pretty quick fight. The police show up! Uh oh! 

Gemma and Juice talk about Bobby. Juice thinks Bobby is going to leave Redwood and start up the Nomads again. Juice says he is tired. They both say without saying their involvement with Clay going to jail. Tara gets a visit from the US Marshal. Apparently Tara was also placed in the confinement. Tara realized that maybe the US Marshal is the one who helped her into jail. US Marshal offers witness protection if Tara flips on Jax. Tara plays her role as old lady well and lets it be known that she is not a rat. 

Tig loses it when the porn guys says his daughter will be in one of his films. He drowns him in the tub of pee and then pees on him. Tig dumps the body off the pier in a cage. Another legitimate business for the club. More flesh. Apparently they service the naval men that come into the port. 

Wayne and Gemma talk at the club. Wayne lets her know that they can still talk. Lawyer shows up in the middle of the conversation. Lawyer threatens Gemma and Gemma threatens back. Lawyer finally talks to Jax and lets him know that Tara does not want him at the hearing. Great song is playing: “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” Clay is about to be transferred into gen pop and then he says he wants to contact the US Marshal for a deal. 

Chibs is back at the club house and Juice is there. Doors get closed and garage is cleared out. Chibs expresses his dislike of Juice still being in the club with his fists. Juice stands there and takes it and does not fight back. Niro is spending time with his son and Gemma is there. Aw. US Marshal is shooting up something in his arm and gets a quality high. 

Throughout the whole show this creepy blonde boy is walking around and everyone keeps seeing him. The boy sits down on a bench and has cut marks on his arm. He sits down to write in a notebook. Then a school bell rings and he pulls out a gun from his book bag and walks into a school and begins shooting. It’s sad to see the evacuation of the school with all the trucks. The crew is now up for destruction since the gun used by the kid was one of theirs.

Jax is still at the whore house with the Madame. Jax sleeps with the chick! NOOOOO!!! Clay is still in confinement. Tara is now in gen pop. Tara beats the crap out of some chick that stole her blanket. Niro and Gemma are together. Tig is at Jax’s house taking care of the kids. Chibs is fixing Juice up. Bobby is deciding where he will go. US Marshall is high as a kite and naked. 


My thoughts: Great opening episode! I was really excited for the show to be back. I am upset that Jax just slept with that chick. While he was in jail his wife was perfectly faithful; she goes in and will be out on bail, and he sleeps with some chick. Does he not realize that this chick will be in Tara’s face once she gets out? 

I like the relationship between Chibs and Juice. The beatdown had to happen and it was nice to see him fix Juice up afterwards. This US Marshal is going to make their lives hell and Clay is going to help him. The question is will Pope Jr. take him out in time?  Probably not. It is sad to see how Jax tries so hard to get this club to the vision his father has and everything keeps exploding in his face. I look forward to this season and seeing how Jax handles the outcome of his decisions.

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