Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sons of Anarchy Season 6, Ep. 3 “Poenitentia” Recap

Apparently the title means repent, penitence, regret. Awe, look at SAMCRO trying to use Latin terms. The DA is speaking about the need for psychiatric counseling for the kid and discuss the modified gun. The opening scenes of this series are always well done. Gemma and Niro leave church. I love Gemma’s negative outlook on church but it is an honest outlook. I enjoy these two together. The US Marshall took home the hooker from Jax’s place and kills the chick. He first shoots her by accident then kills her. This guy is beyond unstable in my opinion. 

The DA and US Marshall are working close together. He is given the paperwork to track down the junkie mom and get Clay to sign off on the paperwork to turn states evidence. I am mad that the US Marshall just left the dead body in his bathtub like it is nothing. 

Tara visits the club looking for Gemma and says that it is not about her anymore while looking at the kids. You can tell that Tara is planning something. Jax finally goes and sees Clay. Jax knows that Clay is going to flip on them. He claims he is sorry and says he will not give the marshal anything and knows that he will be killed in gen pop. Jax gets the chance to talk to the US Marshall via the two way mirror and says he will come after him if he does not leave his wife alone. You have to love Jax! The US Marshall is pushing Clay hard in order to get him to sign. 

We get to see Bobby! He has pulled together the potential Nomads. Hey it’s Snake from Airborne as one of the potentials. The US Marshall is torturing the guys to get info on Arcadia and the junkies. Apparently Wendy was attacked at an NA meeting so Gemma offers quality comfort. There is a drive by as Niro and Jax work out a deal with the Madame. 

After the shoot out Juice is left there to keep an eye on the place. It seems like Juice is being marginalized. I am very concerned for him mentally. Something is going to go wrong with him. Jax decides to have a talk with the Persians in regards to the drive by. The Persian believes that SAMCRO killed his brother. Jax and friend kills and beats up some people. Wait, I am confused, I thought they were Persian and not Armenian. 

Clay is gen pop and is immediately jumped. I thought he would have a moment. They do not immediately shank him so there is a deal to be made. Tara is talking to Gemma and lets her know that she is pregnant and claims she will tell Jax tonight. I really question this whole situation. Is she really pregnant or is it a ruse. Jax talks to Tig who acts like he did not kill the Persian. Jax takes his word and says he is going to visit Madame Collete. Turns out the Madame is servicing the old dude and looks like Jax takes it personal. I cannot stand this story line. Apparently Clay is trying to make friends and make things work with the different races in the jail. Or apparently not as a huge riot breaks out and Clay shanks a guy. 

The US Marshall who continues to be creepy actually rips the hair out of the dead chick and cuts off a piece of fabric. I guess he is going to use the kill against SAMCRO. Jax meets with Pope Jr. and asks for a reprieve with Clay in order to do business with Clay. I think Pope Jr. is running a game that Jax is not aware of that will hurt him in the end. Pope Jr. knows that Clay did not kill Pope and plans on handling things for himself. Bobby still has his map and is writing names of his recruits. Gemma brings down her hat box and gives Wendy a gun. I love how easily they pass guns around. Clay is now placed in solitary confinement I wonder what his game is. The US Marshall shows up to Gemma’s house as Niro stops over. 

End Scenes – Clay is thanked for his actions and is given a new shank in solitary. I wonder what his plan is with it. Jax sees the positive pregnancy test paper. Jax receives a call from Collete and sends it to voicemail. The US Marshall plants the evidence in Niro’s car. The body of the lady is found after an anonymous 911 call. Wendy apparently faked the bruise with make up and now is wiping it off. I wonder what her plan is now that she has the gun or if she is working with Tara. Pope Jr. shows up to find Tig at the warehouse. Jax is all sweet and tells Tara he loves her. I always enjoy the end scenes, great music plays, great scenes occur. What isn’t there to love? I enjoy that everyone is running their own plans and you know that they will all converge and blow up. 

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