Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dead Rising 3 Co-op Multiplayer

Capcom gave fans a first look at Dead Rising 3's co-op and super-combo weapons. In the new installment the online co-op mode allows you to take on the zombie horde with a friend via Xbox Live. You are able to jump in and out of each other's game. I think that is a nice concept. The ability to jump in someone else's game without disrupting it or the need to back out to add someone is smart. Also by helping your friend in their game play you are able to contribute to your story progression and earn experience points. Plus if you finish a mission with your friend it will be complete in yours as well. 

Co-op players will assume the role of Dick, a wise-cracking trucker who sees the main character Nick Ramos as his best chance at getting out of the overrun city of Los Perdidos, and plays a key role in the “Dead Rising 3” story. 

Capcom revealed the super-combo weapons which is a new tier of combo weapons that require at least three components, multiple steps, and blue prints in order to make. Examples of these special weapons include the Ultimate Powershout, a deadly concussive horn made of traffic cones; the Ultimate Grim Reaper, a flaming scythe made of a katana sword, a scythe, a gas canister and a mask; and the Massive Bomb, a mini-nuke that obliterates every zombie in your vicinity. 

The weapons be customized into a wide range of different variants with unique abilities. For example, the fan-favorite “Freedom Bear” from “Dead Rising 2,” a life-size stuffed bear turret armed with twin machine guns, can be customized into eight different variants in “Dead Rising 3” with modifications like grenade launchers, a push cart, and a boombox lure to confuse the zombies. 

The constant ability to customize and make some pretty awesome weapons adds a nice layer to the game that I look forward to playing. Anyone wanna play when it comes out?

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