Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Day of the Doctor

The Day of the Doctor

The 50th Special has finally been named! "The Day of the Doctor", so far all we know is who is supposedly a part of the movie, but many surprises are in store for Whovians! Rumor has it that the super-secret trailer will be released publicly very soon! So for those of you that missed it at SDCC and a few other select cons, the time is near! 

Amazon has also started taking pre-orders for the Blu-Ray/3D/DVD Combo at a great deal. 
 It will be released on Dec 10, 2013, after it has aired in select theaters and broadcast!

Are you ready Whovians?

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  1. I hate David Tennants hair! I really hope they bring back the wild and crazy hair he had while playing the Doctor. It's like his icon!