Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Ep. 4 “Eye-Spy”

Important Moments:

Show starts with guys wearing red masks and carrying metal suitcases and a woman following them. She beats up every single one of them and cuts off the arm on one to take the briefcase which is filled with diamonds. Coulson asks Skye to try to figure out how diamonds are being stolen. Coulson hand picked the diamond heists and Skye pulls pics from Instagram to figure out who is the thief. Turns out Coulson trained the woman.

Coulson wants to bring in Amador himself. Apparently Amador did not play well with others. Amador keeps doing this weird freaky eye close thing. She can sense those around her or something of the sort. Amador buys a passcard with the diamonds.

Skye tries to hack the feed and realize that Amador’s eye is the camera. May wants to take her out and her and Coulson butt heads about her. May shows up in Amador’s room and apparently she has a fail safe. Either she kills or is killed. Chick Fight!

Amador wakes up and realizes that she may be free from the control while Ward is out acting like her with a fake eye set up. Tear Moment: Coulson just says he is happy that she is alive. Amador basically breaks down how an organization is using her and she has no idea who it is.

Fitz and Simmons have to do the eye surgery and are acting out just like I would. Ward runs into problems acting as Amador but apparently he goes into a room with guys doing mathematical equations and a chalkboard covered in equations. Apparently the chalkboard of equations was the job. Coulson meets the guy in control of Amador who is controlled just the same and is killed when Coulson introduces himself. 

My Thoughts:

The men with the red masks are very creepy. However, I wouldn’t mind walking around with a creepy mask with all my friends and see what reaction we all could get. Who is with me!

Coulson does make a good point, with Instagram, Facebook, etc we are essentially providing the government with free surveillance on ourselves. I like that May is saying it like it is and challenging Coulson who may not be rational when it comes to Amador. I enjoy the overall concept of the eye control aspect. Amador expresses her concern that something is not right with Coulson which further supports my belief that he is a clone of some sort. It is good that they brought it back to this secret agency that is out there working their own agenda, I was wondering when they would circle back to that. 

S/N: It feels like a different Fitz but maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention to him but I really think this is a different guy for some reason. 

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