Wednesday, October 16, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3, Ep. 2 “Boy Parts”

 Important Moments:

Show opens with a witch in the woods who helps the gators kill a couple of hunters. Zoe is obsessing over the untimely death of her friend she met at the party. Flashback of Queenie using herself as a voodoo doll. It was hilarious to watch her and she is funny overall. After a half a second of questioning y the cops, Zoe flips out and confesses to everything like an idiot. Fiona does a spell on the cops to stop the investigation. Fiona throws the girls against the walls for their stupidity and frankly she should have done more.

Madison takes Zoe to the county morgue. Madison plans on using a resurrection spell but apparently all the boys were broken into multiple pieces. Madison decides to build the perfect guy by assembling the best body parts. Turns out Delia is trying to have a baby but refuses to use magic to help. Fiona has Madame LaLaurie tied up and wants to know how she is immortal.

Flashback: Madame LaLaurie being poisoned by Marie Laveau. Marie hung all of LaLaurie’s family for LaLaurie’s indiscretions. Marie informs LaLaurie that she was not poisoned but given immortality and buried alive.

The resurrection spell fails at first but in the end works for the girls. Nan is apparently hearing the voices due to her powers and lets LaLaurie go. LaLaurie knocks Queenie out. Fiona visits Marie and the interaction between the two was well written. Witches vs Voodoo is the ongoing feud. Delia gives in and does the spell for a baby. Zoe lets Kyle know that he is dead. The witch from the beginning shows up in the car with Zoe and Kyle.

Apparently the witch in the swamp is the one from the first episode that was burned alive for bringing the bird back to life. She assists Zoe with using the restorative powers of the swamp on Kyle to help him. She says she will keep Kyle to heal him. Marie still has the Matador man. LaLaurie wants Fiona to kill her since immortality is hard. 

My Thoughts:

Fiona is the perfect character and Jessica Lange plays her perfectly. She does need to make Zoe stronger because if she volunteers information that easily then there is no hope for the coven. She was beyond stupid in everything that she did. Has she never watched an episode of Law & Order? I mean how do you not know to not confess to a crime?

The girls doing the resurrection spell and putting the body back together is beyond macabre. I wonder how Zoe can handle the dead body but confess to the cops so easily.

When Angela Basset first walks in with her leopard print jump suit with red leather biker jacket all you can say is that chick is bad, jack!  Frankly this White vs Black story line that they have going on is not necessary. The use of the “N” word was pushing the envelope too much. They can show the use of witchcraft and voodoo without using racism. I am disappointed about the show in that regard. Also so because Queenie is Black she must be the descendant of the voodoo priestess in Salem, really? *eye roll* They need to come up with better story lines than this. There are so many different aspects of magic that the color of skin of the practitioner should not be a factor. 

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