Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 4 “Patriot Games”

Important Moments:

Charlie finds herself in a  run down bar essentially fighting all the guys in the bar who drugged her. Monroe show up and takes out everyone else. Rachel wakes up and sees the US Flag flying high. Tom is slowing working his way up the ranks. He looks good in his US uniform. The new guys are calling themselves “Patriots” which apparently is the line that Randall used before killing himself. The whole town is on lock down so Miles said he will go over the wall and check to see what is going on. Rachel decides to go through the paperwork of the Patriots.

Rachel’s dad yells at her for breaking into the office of the Patriots. Rachel tried to commit suicide when she first came back to the town. The Patriot people killed one of the guys that made a dash over the walls claiming it was the evil clan.

Aaron passes out and has a vision of Miles checking out Titus’s hang out. Miles feels like he is being watched and sees lightening bugs. Miles meets up with Titus who ends up on the wrong end of knife but according to Titus, his people were shipped out on a train. The Patriot that gives Tom a hard time likes to be high in a whore house and Tom takes advantage.

Rachel’s best childhood friend betrays her and has her tied up in his wine cellar. The Patriots want Rachel but her friend is going to kill her because of the chance of her telling secrets of the nukes. Rachel breaks her hand to get out of the chains and is forced to kill her friend. Tom asks the Patriot for the whereabouts of his son but he does not know so Tom gives him more drugs and wipes everything down and leaves. At the same time Rachel is hiding the body of her friend and looking through his paperwork and cleans up the evidence just like Tom. 

Miles spots the trains and sees all the people chained up. Miles is caught but Aaron does the freaky thing with the lightening bugs then causes the Patriots to catch on fire. Even though Aaron is asleep when this happens which makes it more interesting. Tom is a pro at running everything since the other Patriot did not show. Monroe and Charlie are making their way to town with only ten miles to go. 

My Thoughts:

This show always provides such great turns and having the Iluminati symbol for the Patriots adds a nice twist. I was wondering last episode if they were going to make a weird dynamic between Charlie and Monroe and now I am thinking it even more.

You can tell that despite how far over the edge that Monroe went he still thinks of Miles as family and is determined to make things right. Apparently Aaron can use the lightening bugs to see which is beyond cool and makes you think if someone else was using the lightening bugs as a way to spy on others. The betrayal of Rachel’s best friend is horrible. To learn that her friend is a patriot is so sad and his ability to want to kill her is heartbreaking. 

The lightening bugs powered by nano-nytes are pretty bad ass and very scary! The possibilities of what the nano-nytes are out there doing makes you question a lot. 

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