Wednesday, October 23, 2013

American Horror Story Season 3, Ep. 3 “The Replacements”

Important Moments:
                                                                                                                                                            Show stars with Fiona drinking and having pills. She flashbacks and is talking to her mother in New Orleans in 1971. Fiona’s mother was a supreme. You have to master the seven wonders to become the supreme. She challenges her mother and how she will become the next supreme and her mother is getting weaker. She kills her mother by slicing her throat. Fiona is seen by the butler and cuts out his tongue. He is still serving the coven to this day. 

Fiona meets with a doctor to learn about plastic surgery and learns she is not eligible for elective surgery. Zoe meets with Kyle’s mother. Zoe’s phone call to visit came right as his mother was about to commit suicide. Fiona lets Madame learn that the world has changed and she will learn the new world. She makes her a maid. Queenie challenges Madame. Fiona makes Madame Queenie’s personal slave for being racist. 

Zoe is amazed to see how well Kyle is healing. Misty wants to keep Kyle and he fights her off and leaves with Zoe. Madison and Nan stop by to see the new neighbors, Joan and Luke. Madison gets kicked out of the house. Turns out the new neighbors are very religious. Delia is at the doctor’s office and is not able to get pregnant. Fiona is declining so a new supreme must be rising. Joan threatens Fiona. Fiona worries that Madison is the new supreme. Kyle is dropped off at his mother’s house. Turns out Kyle was being molested by his mother. Delia goes to visit Marie about a fertility problem. Delia is upset to learn that Fiona’s actions causes Marie to refuse to help Delia

Fiona meets with Madison and offers to teach her magic. Queenie and Madame see the beast that Madame created. Queenie takes charge of the situation. She is able to lure the beast away with the blood of Madame. She tries to make love to the beast. Kyle becomes upset from the abuse and kills his mother. Fiona is getting Madison drunk and looks like she is doing what she must to stop the supreme from rising. Zoe finds the body of Kyle's mother. Fiona lets Madison know that she is the next Supreme. Fiona has cancer and knows that as she is dying, Madison is getting stronger. 

Fiona is having regrets about how she was a bad supreme. She tries to make Madison kill her but ends up killing Madison instead. The butler is there to clean the blood off her hands. Fiona says the coven does not need a new supreme. 

My Thoughts: 

I enjoy that Fiona put Madame in her place. She needs to let go of that racism and quick. I was worried about the show pushing the race card too much but it looks like they have pulled back from the edge at least.
Kyle looks very creepy to me. He has dead man eyes. Misty has all kinds of problems. I find it interesting that when a new supreme rising the old one declines. If Delia is not able to get pregnant then the new supreme is not of her bloodline.

Angela looks so awesome relaxing on her throne playing solitaire. She looks powerful. I enjoy Gaby as well. She is doing a wonderful job as Queenie and adds a good dynamic to the show, I am just a little thrown off by her trying to make love to the beast. That raises all kinds of questions. 

Fiona is selfish to the bone. She causes Delia to lose her chance at having a baby. I wouldn't be surprised if she cursed her womb somehow. I think Fiona would do anything to make sure a new supreme does not rise. There should have been a supreme in Delia's generation and the fact that there was not one is questionable. Now she killed the supreme in Zoe's generation so what happens now? That is too many generations without a supreme.  

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