Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Revolution Season 2, Ep. 5 “One Riot, One Ranger”

Important Moments:

Monroe and Charlie are working together to figure out how to get into the town. Aaron lets Miles and Rachel know that he contributed to the guys being burned up. Texas Rangers comes to town and it’s Bobby from Supernatural!!! Texas Ranger Bobby! The patriots stop the patrols and try to stop Texas from finding out what they are doing. Of coarse Miles has a history with Texas.

Texas wants proof that the patriots are up to no good and that Texas needs to make a move. Charlie gets inside the wall and lets Miles know about the bounty on Rachel’s head.

Flashback: Aaron applied for a teacher position when he first came to town with Rachel. At first he is denied for smelling like booze and looking like death, but he is able to get the position in the end. Aaron is smacked around after finding Cynthia’s boyfriend cheating. He gets mad as he is walking away and a fire starts inside the car and the cheaters die and there are lightening bugs in the background.

Monroe says he is here to help and Miles does not want his help.  Aaron packed up his stuff and left. The train area is scrubbed clean but they Miles, Charlie, and Monroe are spotted by the patriots.

Neville and group are ambushed and he is quick to shoot and save the day. Rachel finds Aaron who is upset about killing the two guys. Neville performs field surgery to get the bullet out of the woman. Neville leaves her saying he wants to be a patriot she appears to be a rebel within. She lets him know that his son is at the reprogramming center and she will take him there if he helps her. 

Miles, Monroe, and Charlie are ambushed but they get away and have a patriot captive. Aaron passes out and has a flash and sees Charlie, Miles, and Monroe together. Rachel comes in ready to kill Monroe but Charlie stops her mother. Monroe shoots Ranger Bobby in the back and just to set a frame up on the Patriots. 

My Thoughts:

I am intrigued by what Aaron can do now. If the nano nytes are controlled by his mind via the lightening bugs, imagine the destruction that he could accomplish. Okay so Miles tried to take out the Texas guy. Remember when Miles sent his protégé to Texas for a time, I wonder if they are going to reveal what happened to him while in Texas.

I hope that Monroe can be redeemed maybe just a little before he dies. If he is killed I am sure it will be by saving Miles or the family. I swear Miles and Monroe are the perfect bromance gone wrong in my opinion. I still think Neville is awesome. He does what needs to be done by his standards only. He loves his family and has no problems killing for them if need be. 

Next week will be interesting to see what happens to Monroe. 

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