Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, Ep. 3 “The Asset”

Important Moments:

Show starts with a truck driver seeing a SUV flip up in the air apparently he is being escorted and has some high technology in his truck. He is a SHIELD Agent not a regular truck driver. Then the big rig is picked up into the air and dropped down. Great visuals. The truck is ransacked and the precious cargo is a person.
Ward is training Skye. Coulson informs the team that Dr. Hall was taken by an invisible team. Truck driver believes an inside job. Simmons finds an electric field disrupter they may have helped the invisible crew. Skye is tasked with studying all Hall related communications. Coulson and Ward find out about the equipment used by the invisible squad.

Hall and Quinn are talking. Apparently Quinn stole data from Hall. Gravitonium powers the device that distorts a gravity field that Hall basically designed. Skye is at least savvy enough to get an invite to Quinn’s place. Quinn wants Skye to work for him. Skye is caught and lets Quinn know that SHIELD is listening. Quinn merely points out how Skye fits SHIELD’s profile of being alone. Skye is able to plant the device to hack the system.

May confronts Ward about the amount of action she has seen and Coulson nearly states that he will be going in and he saw plenty of actions with the Avengers. May bluntly states that Coulson died with the Avengers.

Hall is working hard playing with Gravitonium and is in geek heaven getting to work on this project. Hall refuses to leave. Hall is going to destroy the whole thing in order to keep the world safe and the weapon out of Quinn’s hands. Hall set up the leak in order to destroy Quinn's plans. Coulson let's Hall fall into the Gravitron (teehee) which stops the machine. Gravitron is locked away and we see Hall's hand come out of it. 

Ward wants back into action. Skye and Ward connect about their childhoods and she wants to be an agent.

My Thoughts:

I am still upset that Skye is trying to be a double agent. I am sure that in the end she will choose the team but still. So people still pay with gold bars, really? I did enjoy the invisible team attack. It was very well planned and executed quite well. This Ward and Skye thing is trying too hard. They are pushing it a little hard. They should let it occur more natural.

Wow! Agent Ward just threw it out there how Coulson died. The constant reminders of his death reminds me of his death hint that all was not well with how he came back The fact that he cannot take apart a gun as easily clearly lets us know something is really wrong. Again the extra name dropping of the Avengers was a bit heavy. We as fans do not need a reminder, we watch the show purely on its merits.

I wonder why SHIELD is not more vigilant when it comes to Skye. It just does not make sense, they are so advanced, how did they not bug her phone at least? I understand that Skye may have played right this time around but she is still dangerous to the system. At the end when Ward saved Skye, the superhero music was a little bit heavy. I think some of the music came from Batman, IJS.

S/N: How are they always flying on this airplane? This makes no sense. All that fuel wasted, that is not green!


  1. So much fuel wasted every episode. It's so impractical!