Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Supernatural Season 9, Ep. 1 “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here”

Important Moments:

Show starts with Dean and Sam in the car trying to figure out what to do about the falling Angels. Turns out Sam is in a coma and it is all in Sam’s head. Dean is vigilant by his side. In Sam land, Bobby makes an appearance. Bobby tells Sam to essentially give in and Bobby takes him to the woods to talk. Dean stabs Bobby and says Dean needs to still fight to be alive. 

Dean flips once the doctor mentions that Sam’s condition is in God’s hands. Dean is saying a prayer and it seems like he puts out a call to all the Angels for help and people across the world. Castiel is a little out of it, but thinks he can hear angels. He runs into another Angel. Castiel tries to guide her to help people and she knocks him out. Castiel is now human and the Angel plans on using him as a vessel. Cass is smart enough to put on his seat belt and crash the car hurting the crazy Angel. 

Of coarse the first Angel that shows up to help Dean holds him at angel knife point. Angel versus Angel fight but apparently they can still be killed the same way. The good Angel is there to help and answer Dean’s prayer. Apparently all the other Angels are looking for Castiel. 

Bad Angels are there and Dean draws all the protection sigils possible. They beat up Dean while demanding Castiel’s location. Ezekiel lets Dean know that he can save Sam by possessing him. 

Sam Land: Death is in the cabin waiting for Sam. The angel helps Dean see how bad off Sam truly is. Ezekiel claims he will leave once Sam is healed. The Angel says that they should not tell Sam that the angel is there because he will eject the angel and die. Sam and Dean are in the car for real this time.

My Thoughts:

This show is still strong and powerful even up until Season 9. The love between the brothers is deep. Only siblings truly understand the devotion these two have for each other. The fact that Dean was willing to pray says a lot. I wonder if this season is the season that we finally see God. Will he finally swoop down and handle business.

I love being able to still see Bobby. He has always been a good father figure for them. The inner debate for Sam was overall well done. I would expect that on one shoulder would be Bobby and on the other one would be Dean.

My question is after all that Castiel has been through, why does he still not listen to Dean. Dean constantly tells him what to do, Cass ignores it, and then later realizes that Dean was right to being with. Geez, will he learn already. I wonder how long it will be before Cass has his powers back. Also the chick that has Cass feels a little like the chick from Misery. If she smashes his legs then I know it is all over for him. Cass having to satisfy human needs for food and water will be interesting to watch. 

I do not think that Dean should trust the Angel. This is going to go bad very quickly. Dean is making way too many decisions with Sam's life. 

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