Sunday, October 27, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3, Ep. 5 “Good Form”

Important Moments:

Neal is taken away by the Lost Boys. A Lost Boy challenges Henry but it is all set up to get Henry to use his powers. Pan tells Henry to believe he has a real sword and it becomes one. Henry is becoming more and more part of Pan’s group. Emma says they have to help Henry keep the faith that they are coming. Charming being the dad that he is warns Hook away from his daughter. Snow thinks its time to set a trap for the lost boys. Charming passes out.

 Charming finds a piece of leather that was Hook’s brother's sachel. Hook and Charming plan to scale dead man’s peak to get his brother's sexton. Charming says bye to his family to set out on his task and still does not tell them that he is dying.

Flashback: Lieutenant Jones (Hook) is talking to his men about bad form. The Captain is Hook’s older brother. They are on their way to a special land. The Captain instructs the crew to bring down a special sail made from the feathers of a Pegasus. They literally fly into the sky. Captain sets sail for second star to the right and straight on to morning. The brothers land on Neverland for a magical plant that can heal any injury. They meet with Peter Pan. Pan says the plant is poisonous and they choose not to believe Pan. Hook questions that the plant is poison. Hook says it is wrong and he will not bring back a poison. Captain Jones attempts to prove to Hook that it is not poison by scratching himself with the plant and he becomes ill.

Emma tries to appeal to the boy they captured. He states he does not want to go home and Henry caused the cut on his face. Charming notes that Hook must have lost someone as well. Pan visits Hook and offers him a deal for a passage off the island. Pan says for Hook to kill Charming before the poison does or he will pay. Emma lets Regina rip the boys heart out to get information and control him to get the message to Henry.  

Flashback cont: Pan shows Hook a spring that can heal any injury. Pan warns him that there is a price that has to be paid for using the magic and not to leave the island. They leave the island and as they land Hook's brother becomes ill again. Hook's brother is dropped into the ocean. Hook lets the men know about the King's need for poison. He burns the pegasus sail and turns himself and his men into pirates. He renames the boat as the Jolly Roger. 

Charming heard the conversation with Pan. Hook set Charming up and made him come up there on a lie. The sexton is not there but rather he wants to save Charming. Henry sees the mirror and gets to talk to everyone. Hook gives Charming the water from the spring. He lets Charming know that if he drinks it he can never leave the island. He is immediately healed. Charming sings Hook's praises for saving his life. Emma kisses Hook. Pan shows up and lets Hook know that Neal is alive and in Neverland. He leaves it up to Hook if he will tell Emma or not. They hang Neal up in a box and there is someone else in a box as well. 

My Thoughts:

It is sad to see Henry losing hope in the beginning. I enjoyed that they used second star to the right saying. I always enjoy these flashback. The flashback helps explain so much and shows how we arrived to the modern day characters. I want to shake Charming so badly. He needs to tell his family that he is dying so they can be with him in his last hours. Snow truly does annoy me. She is always saying that they cannot do things a certain way every time Regina makes a suggestion. Sometimes you just have to get down and dirty to get things done. I agree with Emma and Regina about ripping the boys heart out and frankly they should have done it sooner.

I do not know if Henry seeing his family is enough to pull him away from the Lost Boys. Sorry but it is creepy to have Hook kiss Emma since he dated Neal's mother also know as Henry's grandmother! Ewww!!! Pan is the ultimate manipulator and I have to give him credit. The question is who is in the other box?

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