Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4, Ep. 3 “Isolation”

Important Moments: 

Show starts off with Glenn and Maggie digging graves for the dead. Tyrese leads Rick, Carol, and Darryl to the burnt bodies. Tyese is upset understandably. He fights Rick and Rick proceeds to beat on Tyese. People just keep getting sick and they keep burying people. They have all the sick people isolated. Contagion!!!!!! The illness is spreading. Glenn is feeling sick. The group decides to go out to the vet school for medication. Tyrese says he will worry about what’s right, the people who were killed.

Glenn is sick. He is in the corner all sickly and pathetic. Darryl says he is happy to have Michonne there. They try to figure out who is left to go with them on the run. Tyrese wants to stay on watch especially since Sasha is in there. Darryl offers to Tyrese to roll with them for the meds. Carl questions where Hershel is going. Hershel says he is going out into the woods and Carl lets him know that he has to go in there with him.

Carol helps the sick into isolation including a little girl. Hershel is gathering herbs while Carl is watching his back. It is sad to see Tyrese talking to Sasha through the visitor window. Tyrese appeals to Carol to look in at Sasha for him. Maggie runs up on her father for not being in quarantine. Hershel says he can help keep people’s fevers down and stable until the meds arrive. Rick is investigating the crime scene. 

Carol is outside trying to clear the pipe for the water by herself. Luckily Rick comes out and notices what she is doing and helps her. Darryl lets Michonne know that he understands what she is doing. They get into a slight fender bender hitting a few walkers and become surrounded by a massive horde. They literally become stuck on the bodies of the walkers and have to make a run for it. Tyese is still sitting in the car but he finally decides to get out and starts killing a bunch of walkers but is surrounded. He joins the rest of the group later. 

Hershel is helping Glenn. Hershel took off his makeshift mask and is helping all the sick. Rick asks Carol if she was the one behind the murders and she flat out says yes. Female Shane anyone?

My thoughts:

Tyrese punks the hell out of Rick and lets him know that as a cop he needs to handle these murders. Tyrese gets all big and what not. I think it was a punk move for Rick to hit Tyrese when Darryl was holding him. Tyrese looks crazy with the shut eye.

The silencer on Carl’s gun is quite adorable. Hershel should not have to explain why he wants to save lives. I understand they do not want him to get sick but this is something that he has to do. Beth's mantra of "We don't get to get upset" is starting to creep me out. I was about to be very mad at Tyrese for just sitting in the car but he gets out and goes into beast mode and starts taking the walkers down. For my comic book readers, this feels like the incident in the gym. I hope it works out the same way and surprisingly it does. 

I had a feeling it was Carol. I know she wants to handle things but it turns out it didn't matter as the disease kept spreading and now she has to deal with her actions. Am I the only one who feels like Hershel is going to die from this disease but Glenn will be saved. 

Twitter Ain't Sh*t (Twitter has some funny people on it!) 

Block Samson “ We about to get Tyrese morphing into pure black rage”
Slack Daddy “Don’t ever piss off a Black guy during the zombie apocalypse.
Keadabeada “Dang!!! Tyrese looks like he just went twelve rounds with Tyson”

The_RickGrimes “This flu is spreading faster than Andrea’s legs!”

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